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2/13 c9 16Luciendar
I can't help but think.

Do you realize how ironic it is to put in the story's description, "Strong Naruto," but have him lose to Gaara who he beats in canon? Hell, you handicapped his shadow clone training to keep him weaker. I feel lied to.
2/13 c8 Luciendar
See, right here, this is the crap i have issue with when you try and justify Kakashi bailing on Naruto:

(((Please let me finish before you start hollering. I did it because, in all honesty, Sasuke has always been in dark waters, ever since the massacre of his entire clan. This business with Orochimaru has not been the start of it. Sasuke isn't what you are, Naruto-kun."

"Huh? What's that?" The blond questioned.

"Bound by ties to the village. Do you get what I am saying, Naruto? Sasuke is… hungry for power. It isn't like what you long for. Your quest in life to become stronger so you can protect those of the village, and your loved ones. Sasuke, on the other hand, wishes to become strong enough to kill his brother, Itachi. He only looks to gain power because of it, and nothing else. He fights for nothing else. A dark path of revenge is his life and it needs to change.")))

The Hokage says that to the most mistreated child in the village. Realistically speaking what would he infer from that? Because, honestly, my first thought was you're basically saying he's being shafted for being loyal despite everything. Oh Naruto, if you were only a larger flight risk then you'd get more dedicated training. Hell. Kakashi knows his training was sabotaged but basically blamed Naruto for lacking skills he wasn't taught. Are you serious?

This shit is straight up victim shaming.
2/13 c4 Luciendar
I try not to judge a story too early on, but you're killing me. This is dragging like hell. Your technical writing skills are good. I just wanted a better story than this.
2/13 c3 Luciendar
Shit or get off the pot dude. The chapters of Naruto bitching about the same thing is not character development. He's not wrong either. Hell, if I was him I'd have abandoned that village.

I swear sometimes all that people want to write is this mistreated idiot too stupid to think he deserves better. Yet all the adults in his life continue failing him.
2/13 c2 Luciendar
I'm already sick of having to read all of this introspective whining and exposition.
2/13 c1 Luciendar
So, starting off, I don't really care for this story.

I'm not trying to throw pointless shade. It's just that I hate the "Sasuke needs more help" argument. I find it to be repugnant. I've always hated how Kakashi managed his team. Your attempted justification just soured me to the whole thing.

In all fairness it was well written.
1/31 c1 Guest
Your story is based on a crap premise. Kaka was being a hypocrite.
1/25 c1 Guest
This... sucks.
1/25 c29 yoto
bon chapitres
1/25 c29 yoto
bon chapitre
1/20 c28 Terracotta Tortilla
If only Sakura had an airhorn, that could have been avoided.
1/20 c20 Terracotta Tortilla
Awww, golden boy Naruto/Sasuke got in trouble. Oh no, that must have really upset the weebs who have parasocial feelings towards their hero.
1/15 c1 Dragon master 124
In all honesty, Kakashi was kind of an ass when he decided to pawn off Naruto when it came to training for the finals. While I do know he had good reasons for focusing on Sasuke, that doesn’t make it okay for him to abandon both Naruto and Sakura for a whole month. Also as a sensei, it should have been his job to help Naruto correct what he learned from the academy, since it was obvious that Iruka was the only academy teacher to actually try and help Naruto, while the rest treated him like crap. And no offense to Ebisu, but he didn’t have the best first impression when meeting Naruto due to him seeing Naruto as the nine-tails, so that would make Naruto extremely unwilling to listen to him. If Jiraiya hadn’t had shown up, Naruto would have been slaughtered because of the seal that Orochimaru put on him, which damaged his chakra control.

Also when it comes to legacy, Naruto was the last Uzumaki that they knew of, the only difference between him and Sasuke was that the academy and the village seemed to have basically glossed over any mention of the clan, which is a disservice to the clan and village they were first allied with. The fact that neither Minato or Kushina left him any inheritence seems to be oddly suspicious, which I found odd in the source material as well
12/17/2023 c19 redeyehawk23
This is such an annoying version of naruto
12/12/2023 c29 1trend breaker
good book my only complaint is all the filler with side characters I know some people like it but I prefer an Mc centric plot
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