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6/3/2020 c21 KrishnaSharnam
Great chapter.
6/3/2020 c7 zafnak
Errr... why does your Gamabunta talk like an inner city gangsta? LOL. I know he is supposed to be sort of like a giant toad Yakuza Bossin canon, but him sounding all "hood" is just odd.
6/3/2020 c5 4Alastor Wolfkin
Ah, the rare treat of beating an opponent in a shonen anime and NOT immediately passing out from exertion.
6/3/2020 c21 2lostxinxthexdarkness
Great chapter, I'm looking forward to seeing how things continue to unfold!
6/2/2020 c21 HabeFan
nice chapter. keep it up.
6/2/2020 c18 onewaysmart
you shouldn't let naruto follow sasuke wimp. put sasuke on his place.
6/2/2020 c21 Seta88
A great chapter, an interesting mission to Suna, the interaction between Naruto and Asuma and Temari are the best. Could be that Temari is a bit interested in Naruto. with the way she intacted with him. That Asuma gave him the idea to infuse his element into the Rasengan and he even found a weakness to his use of the Rasengan with only his right hand, was interesting.
6/2/2020 c21 1TOOFAN
Great work man, I love the way u made Naruto less talkative and smart. Definitely going to write a fanfic
6/2/2020 c21 Felon GT
Im all for a Temari Naruto pairing. Naruto should have a serious motivated girlfriend in his life. Plus they have alot in common like being children of kage, blond one way or another, are involved with tailed beast related stuff.
6/2/2020 c21 Don Thomas
The dymanic that you have crafted between Temari and Naruto is endearing as both are combative and competitive. If you choose to have them form a relationship in the future, please don't make a harem, I could see them working out quite well. If you did perform such a development, I would hope that you don't leave Shikamaru out in the cold. A potential suggestion for him would be Shiho of the Cryptanalysis Team. They did have a small spark when they were working on translating the code that Jiraiya had sent, brief as it was.

Beyond that the way that you have portrayed Gaara gives him a better character arc to rebuild his humanity. A way that Naruto could help him achieve this would be for Gaara to stumble across Naruto practicing the Rasengan. During this encounter Gaara could remark that, the way Naruto describes how the chakra moves is like particles of sand in a storm. This could provide insight for Naruto to combine his Earth element into the technique.

Gaara could spend time helping Naruto to grasp controlling his Earth element to behave more like sand. This could also provide them time to relate to one another and for Naruto to discuss them both being Jinchūrikis. Such a heart to heart could further help Gaara repair his relationships with his siblings. A small downside to this would be if Temari discovered this conversation and learned that Naruto was one, this could provide tension in their relationship. An alternative would be for Gaara to encourage Naruto to be honest with his sister about him also being a Jinchūriki.
5/29/2020 c20 KrishnaSharnam
This is awesome. I don't know if it is still active. Hope there is an update soon.
Thank You.
5/17/2020 c20 Rowan Citrian
While I did feel Jiraiya was harsh, I wouldn’t say this is a bashing fic. Overall, it’s still great!
5/14/2020 c20 Guest
Pls don't treat sasuke like an idiot
5/13/2020 c19 Scarease
What need Sasuke needs is midget kicking his ass few out of him and some Sence beaten into him .
5/13/2020 c2 supercharzard
Earth is easily the shitties element, imma pass on this one
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