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5/13/2019 c15 marquis.shax
wow Naruto is so pathetically weak as you want to keep him lame like in canon and focus purely on Kyubi rather than making him get fucking smarter and actually developing strategies and using something other than that weak ass bullshit earth release it's really only good for fucking hiding, using for defense or to stall for time that's why Iwa has never won a war an always got their asses beat as they're mostly earth users which are countered by high pressure water which is Kiri, and Lightning which would be Kumo, then you've got people like the Uchiha who can steal any jutsu by seeing it with their sharingan. Honestly when it comes to Iwa only Onoki and Han are impressive as they've got the Dust Release (which ANYONE can learn since it's been stated Onoki LEARNED it from Mu) and Lava Release. Honestly if Iwa went one on one vs anybody they'd lose since Earth is really the weakest release there is unless you pair it with fire and wind to make Dust release or just pair it with Fire to make it Lava
5/13/2019 c13 marquis.shax
uh do you even KNOW WHAT THE RASENGAN IS? It spins in MULTIPLE DIRECTIONS so you've been having Naruto do it completely WRONG. an like I said Jiraiya is making Naruto weak as fuck as he's only focusing on the same god damn mother fucking BULLSHIT as CANON. Why not take YOUR OWN STORY IN A UNIQUE DIRECTION and actually have Jiraiya NOT BE A USELESS FUCK WHEN TRAINING NARUTO? I'm so fucking sick an tired of all this "Focus on Kyubi chakra" bullshit he doesn't fucking need just the Kyubi
5/13/2019 c12 marquis.shax
shouldn't have expected anything else at this point as you seem to want Naruto to mainly focus on "training" to use Kurama's power rather than you know actually being a fucking SHINOBI when around Jiraiya. Mito went through the first an probably second war as a jinchuriki yet from what I can gather NEVER needed that power an as you stated Kushina didn't need it for war time an yet now you're pushing it to make Naruto pretty much rely on the power since that's most of what Jiraiya is going to "teach" him which is fucking stupid as Jiraiya has no clue how the fuck to train a jinchuriki to use the power of it's tailed beast
5/13/2019 c9 marquis.shax
ok this is one thing I've never fucking understood Sarutobi APPOINTED those two dumbasses as his "advisors" an yet they lasted through the few years with Minato as Hokage, Sarutobi's second reign, Tsunade's reign as Hokage, and not sure but probably at least part of if not all of Kakashi's reign as Hokage before finally retiring. How the FUCK is that possible when the Hokage should be able to appoint anybody to take their place as he or she wants since like I said those two were appointed by Hiruzen so why didn't Minato, Tsunade or Kakashi simply replace them and put in people they felt they could actually trust instead of two people they knew would most likely go behind their backs an do what they want or what Danzo wants?
5/13/2019 c7 marquis.shax
should've burned the Pedophiles body even if his soul was supposedly taken by the Shinigami it's still better safe than sorry to take off the head an burn the body where it fell when it comes to someone like that bastard. Also very creative use of the fire sealing method although I do dislike how you gave credit to the sannin for developing it or at least the perv and the pedo.
5/12/2019 c4 marquis.shax
really the hiding like a mole would be useful against a HYUGA he can seen Naruto underground if he's paying attention an then news flash the earth release will NOT protect him against LIGHTNING like what UKE uses it will blast that shit apart no problem since Earth is NATURALLY WEAK against Lightning
5/12/2019 c3 marquis.shax
an again EARTH IS GAY it's not going to help him beat Neji as Neji will see the earth moving and you're just making Naruto WEAKER against Sasuke just like Kishimoto did but you're doing it worse. In canon Naruto had WIND for his affinity while Sasuke's main was Lightning which cancel each other out but now here you've given Naruto Earth so Sasuke's lightning beats him so now you might as well upgrade Sasuke to a Rinnegan and make him even better at taijutsu than Lee and Gai combined while learning more Ninjutsu than Kakashi while giving Naruto his gay ass earth release so he can dig himself a grave when Sasuke kills him
5/12/2019 c2 marquis.shax
earth is such a pathetic element if you want him to be an earth element you might as well have him fucking move to Iwa. I'd rather you give him Wind as it's actually the CORE for ALL of his fucking techniques so now wtf are you gonna do give him an earth release rasengan or just not have him ever make a new version of the rasengan since you decided that wind isn't good? Fuck at least give him Fire rather than earth or give him both earth AND water so that maybe he can eventually be given hashirama's kekkai genkai (which honestly isn't really a kekkai genkai since the only true kekkai genkai's are the dojutus since if you can master yin,yang, and yinyang chakra then you can recreate any elemental kekkai genkai)
5/12/2019 c1 marquis.shax
I never really cared much for Kakashi since it's clear that until Sasuke left that he didn't deem Naruto worth the time to train and Jiraiya seemed to not really train him either considering even after that "training trip" Naruto didn't know the secret behind the Kage Bunshin nor did he seem to have anything other than slightly improved Taijutsu so it's clear Jiraiya only cared about the Kyubi an not about actually training Naruto in how to be a real ninja rather he wanted him to focus solely on the poewr of the Kyubi
5/8/2019 c15 10XxShinigamixX0
This is an AMAZING story! Keep up the good work. :)
3/30/2019 c1 Guest
how the hell is Naruto going to beat Gaara if he doesn't learn the Toad Summoning? I mean it looks like your moving towards making him better able to beat Neji then he didn in Canon but when the invasion happens how is he going to save Sakura and Sasuke from Gaara and then defeat Shukaku without Summoning Gamabunta? i hope you have a good plan as far as that goes.
3/28/2019 c1 vcs123
will naruto develop secondary wind affinity
3/26/2019 c11 1Ashmole
Even if he is still on Konohas side he is still a monster. He mentally tortured an 8 year old and slaughtered innocent children (Because I refuse to believe Sasuke was the only kid in the clan) Again mentally raped the 12/13 year old into a coma on top of what Orochimaru did. Doing shit like that to children turns them into sociopaths especially since 8 is the time of conscience formation. Sasuke was getting better around this time and was less douchy and more caring. Then Itachi screwed it all up because of course mentally fucking hatred into your own little brothers head will have him go to the snake pedophile. Then after the mentally unstable child gets his revenge all it takes is the truth to undo everything. But oh no, you cannot be allowed to have free will even after I die dear sweet little brother, instead as soon as you declare revenge I will activate the kotoamatsukami I stuck in your friend brainwashing you. Even if Itachi was "good" he is still a monster. A good route to go is to make him "good" where he thinks he did the right thing because the stress broke him at 13 and he imagined the coup and thinks he is doing the right thing. The "intelligence" he provides to Jiraiya is jumbled madness. Speaking of which in Canon did Itachi actually report anything? Because Jiraiya and Konoha dont know anything until its too late, so all Itachi did was twiddle his thumb up his ass and help the enemy and never report anything.
3/21/2019 c9 2Run0nSentences
Oh shit, I wonder what will take the place of the training trip
3/21/2019 c6 Run0nSentences
Another great fight
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