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11/20/2023 c27 1Johncourtepatte
Hi, glad to see this fic reacrivated I love it, the update is grear and this all Uzumali plot is very intriguing.

This Uzumaki matriarch is quite intriguing trying to revive the clan, I'm rooting for her being Mito or someone close to Naruto on the genealogical tree or last option someon that is from a different faction from Uzushiogakure that wasnn't the most favorable to konoha.

hope to read from you soon

thanks for the hard work
11/18/2023 c25 4ImHellaUgly
Double upload got me bricked up. Nah but I really enjoyed these two chapters there was some really great world building. Jiraiya taking charge and correcting the mistakes of his predecessor was great and it’s always nice to see the Uzumaki get some spotlight. They were heavily underutilized in the official series considering how much they were hyped up being relatives to the senju and the literal perfect people to be jinchuriki. The fact that 4 out of 5 of the great nations had to team up to take them out speaks more than enough to their potential. Also I liked how you used Guren and Yukimaru, much like the uzumaki they were characters with amazing potential that we never really got to see. Even the rest of Gurens squad was pretty cool with the more obscure kekkai genkai.
11/18/2023 c19 5plums
yes... more uchiha worship... everything is Naruto's fault.
11/18/2023 c12 plums
The blatant Uchiha worship and Naruto swinging wildly from being annoyed by his mistreatment to almost fanboy'ing over Sasuke is really getting annoying.

Its like, it feels like this story almost pushes towards a Naruto who is about to stand up for himself about the mistreatment thrown his way, and then wusses out and starts thinking about poor poor Sasuke instead.
11/18/2023 c1 plums
Ebisu's entire monologue about why Sasuke is so special falls absolutely flat in the face of what Naruto's actual identity / role is. Honestly makes him look like a sanctimonious twat.
11/18/2023 c27 thor94
About chain, when you will have naruto awake them? naruto being an uzumaki in name only in the manga was total bullshit from sasuke lover kishimoto. He deserves more than a only a clan name on ID card he should also inherit his clan bloodline and talent and hope you plan to give him both very soon: adamantine chain and fuinjutsu prodigy talent.
And won't have to really on kyuubi anymore for his important battle and will defeat rank S ninja on his talent and genetic only. Because seriously, your naruto is always not really better than his canon self, he looks even weaker in some area.
5/3/2023 c6 Guest
4/15/2023 c2 SumWon
Why do so many people feel the need to change Naruto's affinity? It honestly just makes a writer seem either too stupid to know what happened in the actual story they're supposedly writing fanfiction for or they're so bad at writing they can't work with what already exist. It's like a cook using ingredients wrong, showing a fundamental lack of competence that makes everything they do lesser. You can even just say his affinity is wind but his teacher wants him to work on Earth or be a decent writer and give him a reason to focus on another element.
3/22/2023 c5 Axccel
About reliance on dumb luck, at this point in the manga/anime, Naruto was not the thoughtless idiot Shippuden tended to portray him as. He got this far by relying on trickery and cunning to win fights because of how weak he was and he was one of the best taijutsu fighters of his generation (no idea why people keep forgetting this) and extremely sneaky to the point of successfully evading the gaze of the Byakugan at close range. Such things used to be the main characteristics of Naruto way back in the day and the fandom embraced his qualities.

After Shippuden made some decent progress, the manga/anime basically threw out all of his good shinobi traits and replaced them with “weak and incompetent moron who can only spam a few jutsu while hoping for the best” and kept that till the Kaguya fight. Ironically, this was dropped and he returned to form for his ultimate fight against Sasuke.

It’s sad to remember how much things changed and how little the fans cared about it. Though, it was somewhat gradual.
3/1/2023 c1 Guest
Garbage ass fic this was trash I hoped it got better but no
2/21/2023 c25 blasterdog
Dope story. Very unique
1/25/2023 c5 trninjakiller
Earth release is so fucking retarded. If I wanted to, I'd walk out to my backyard and throw fucking rocks, not read fanfics.
1/10/2023 c3 geoslim21
kinda ironic that ebisu, who stated his training was a shortcut to the position of hokage, is saying he wouldn't accept naruto using a shortcut in training
11/28/2022 c5 2ChibiChula
Less and less training and yet it lasts from 7am to 10pm? You realize that's 15 hours, right? ヽ༼o;༽ノ
11/28/2022 c3 ChibiChula
I took a break from reading, came back and found Ebisu saying "we have three more weeks..." wait, what? The break for the third part of the chunnin exam is one month, that's 4 weeks, give or take. You already had them spend a whole week on chakra control and said several days to a week worth of elemental control (don't remember exactly). At this point shouldn't they have 2 weeks left? Did I miss something? Hmm...
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