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5/8/2016 c6 naruita14
très bonne fic j'ai adoré
5/8/2016 c6 megaslayer321a
Having naruto lose to garra was the right choice atm he has neither the raw power to overpower him or the utility to get around garra's abilities with his furrent training I mean lets face it the only reason he survived in cannon was because he could summon gamabunta.

Honestly i feel garra would have been the only one in the exams that could beat naruto and maybe sasuke depending on how strong you make him and how well you have their taunts at each other effect them.
5/8/2016 c2 shintablack
the rationalizing of kakashi's failure as a teacher does not sit well with me tho. its an excuse at best. apart from that, I like the mechanics you implemented
4/6/2016 c5 6Lightningblade49
The irony Neji tried to get into Naruto's head but in the end it was the opposite, needs to learn to do less talking more fighting.
That was quite embarrassing for a rookie of the year, but it will serve a lesson that Naruto seems to be learning himself.
4/6/2016 c2 Lightningblade49
Earth interesting choice, he can always pick up a second maybe third element later to balance himself out.
3/18/2016 c3 MyNameIsLaura
Haha! Poor Naruto, he had the worst day ever.
3/1/2016 c5 Mystolon
I'm really excited and hope full for this story Considering how many Naruto stories there are on this site there are very few that Showcase The element of Earth it is a real unpopular ability to Give Naruto the closest people come to giving Naruto an Earth Affinity is to give him crystal and it's a shame Because Earth manipulation is so powerful

The ability to change the Earth from Making it as Fluid as water to as hard as steel, channelling Earth chakra through the body or handheld weapons to make them potentially as hard and strong as diamond, Being able to create practically any construct imaginable, A skilled enough Earth user could also create and turn existing Earth into Sand and use Sand Like Ajeel from Fairy tail, an Earth manipulator could also develop the strongest sensor ability by accessing Earths geomagnetic fields, In many series Earth Manipulators are the ones that can tap into the Natural energies so Earth could have some of the Nature powers that make the Mokuton so powerful in Naruto Or you could give Naruto the ability to absorb and suppress chakra through his Earth Jutsu that would allow him to go toe to toe with tailed beasts.
Hell In the Samurai Deeper Kyo manga there's even an Earth Technique That allows the user to access and manipulate Gravity itself YOU could Give Naruto that ability after all it should certainly be possible because we already Know Earth Chakra users can manipulate Gravity thanks to Oonoki although his use has limits!

Wait a minute why am I listing Earth powers again ? Oh that's right Because I expect to see Naruto use Earth to it's full potential in this story! Because from what I've read so far I actually believe you can do it

What I've been most impressed by so far from your writing is the accuracy detail and understanding you have shown in regards to the use of the series' abilities in the story your Knowledge of the mechanics of abilities leads me to think you spend a lot of time on the Naruto wikia,

With most Naruto stories I read I'm stopped from fully enjoying the story because the author makes mistakes or forgets how certain abilities work which is a real pet peeve for me but then comes along a story like this one where the accuracy is so spot on that by reading I'm learning how jutsu work that I didn't know before

In short you have raised my expectation and you better deliver! (Damn where's the shaking the fist emoticon when you need it...typical)
2/26/2016 c5 Guest
Great story
2/25/2016 c5 Guest
I kind of wish Ebisu would just punch Kakashi in the face, it's clear that he not only abandoned Naruto for Sasuke (which everyone's making slightly reasonable excuses for) but that he's also been neglecting Naruto (and the banshee) from the start. The fact that he didn't even give Naruto a hint about the Shadow Clone Technic or how to fix his Taijustu besides saying his was doing it wronge showed that.

On a side note how would Naruto even began to know where to start and what to fix when his team keeps telling him he sucks at everything. When of his teacher was a traitor and only Iruka ever payed even a little bit of attention to him. I wouldn't be surprised if Mizuki and the other teachers purposely taught him the wrong way... how else would a supposedly Illusionary Henge become solid?
2/26/2016 c5 2senselessgrinder
2/25/2016 c5 3Honey Drops Peach
I really enjoy fics like this. Specially when the story goes on slowly.
Can't wait 'til your next chapter! Good luck!
2/25/2016 c5 Psyka
Cool but I am a little disappointed in the fight but I guess it was to be expected with the proper training Naruto revived so please update again soon
2/25/2016 c5 8The Keeper of Worlds
2/25/2016 c5 Melikalilly
I love this story
2/25/2016 c5 anarion87
nice chapter
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