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11/28/2022 c2 2ChibiChula
Huh. I read this story a long time ago (while you were posting it) but couldn't remember if I actually finished reading it so I decided to reread it from the beginning. It feels so jarring to read a Naruto with a different chakra nature than wind. I don't have a problem when he's given water either. Those two elements sort of work for his personality. Even lightning would work. Earth... throws me off. Yes, he has a fairly stubborn nature that suggests he could have earth as a second element, but I feel his base unpredictability suits wind or lightning best, while water works because of all the undercurrents to his character (and his mom coming from Whirlpool doesn't hurt). I guess you could make an argument that Naruto likes plants and has rock-solid conviction (or plain mulish stubborness) to go with the earth element but it's not something I ever put as his primary character trait because I feel it's more out of petty spite/defiance of others that made him that way. Sorta NATURE vs NURTURE, you know? Maybe that's just me though, lol.
11/9/2022 c25 Josem1
Actually I am doing a traeuction of your fic in spanish language in Wattpad
Sorry if I bothered you
11/6/2022 c17 Guest
Loving the story, bro. Keep it up. I've an idea, though. The earth release ninjutsu is limited and where I'm at, he's just begun with wind element. How about combining his fuinjutsu with earth release? Imagine. He could use his chakra to create explosive seals be casting them onto boulders or raise pillars from the ground marked with chakra absorbing seals. The possibilities are endless.
10/26/2022 c1 Guest
It was going good but you ruined it now I'm sad and fuck sakura
10/24/2022 c2 samuelstevens64
what the fuck is wrong with you giving Naruto a Shit Nature Release as Earth !

This FUCKIN BULLSHIT, You are playing favouritism by making Sasuke still have FUCKIN Fire and Lightning Release and also making Naruto much more weaker than the Canon . F U !
9/8/2022 c1 225Fox McCloude
Hey, just so you know, there's someone in Wattpad posting a Spanish translation of this fic. Did you authorize it?
8/27/2022 c8 mshade656
Is it true girls will always call nice guys "idiot , knucklehead ,useless" but cold guys "so handsome , cool , etc.," ?
If not why do almost all mangas do these (useless character{usually mc's friend(girl)} torturing nice guy MC)
8/27/2022 c2 mshade656
I still don't believe naruto actually became ninja even though he don't know what is CHAKRA . Its like author consider us as idiots and its seems true as author did for 700 chapters
6/7/2022 c25 a fan of this
a very interesting story to read, I hope you get better and decide to continue it :D
5/9/2022 c25 Fernando-senpai
Por cierto, me gusta tu historia y este universo alternativo.
5/9/2022 c25 Fernando-senpai
Actualiza más seguido, buena historia
4/9/2022 c9 Jon211107
Welp time to build a new village
4/9/2022 c6 Jon211107
Thank goodness sasuke got kicked out of the exams
2/1/2022 c25 Kingkong101
Why do all your stories evolve Naruto being a mentally retarded dumbass
1/31/2022 c25 7Phlebiac
Gonna say I'm loving your story showing Ebisu competence was a really original idea and your "competent but still green Naruto" is really well written and as a huge fan of Jiraiya I love your take on him and the people that trust him (Sarutobi, Naruto and Tsunade) kleep the good work man
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