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7/13/2015 c6 2sassymelissa
Are u writing more to this story
7/7/2015 c6 1PatriciaMo
Nice story, touching even. I just think though that it was not really necessary to state the house address every time.
7/7/2015 c6 1Stecie
Awh update soon please
7/7/2015 c6 Guest
nice update. Yay baby dotty!
7/7/2015 c6 Guest
I guess we are never going to see Doms emotions, Doms demons and fears. Sigh. Too bad. It would make for a better story if we could see some of his side. doms guilt watching what Letty is going through *because of him*. Any sense of regret in his part.

Letty is getting all of the lessons her: letting go of the past, taking advantage of all the moment she has, not taking things for granted. It would be nice to see Dom get a lesson or two of his own about the same things.

Please please stop having Letty apologize to Dom for stupid things and things she can't control. She comes across as some weak woman instead of one in control of her life! She took care of herself last time Dom abandoned her. If he is dumb enough to do it again she has to know she can take care of herself and her baby without him. Plus this time she has Mia and Brian!

Ps. What is a gas and air pipe? And what kind of hospital is this where the doctors don't notice Letty losing a lot of blood? It's kind of obvious. Hospitals are prepared for that kind of thing.

But I am glad that their Premature babyis ok!
7/7/2015 c5 Guest
Stop with all the guilt for Letty. It's getting a bit ridiculous. She should not feel guilty for suspecting Dom would leave. He has a track record of breaking his promises and leaving her. He has only himself to blame for that. Letty is just being smart and protecting herself and her unborn baby from the next time Dom decides he knows what's best for everyone and ecides to leave for their "safety". (Let's all remember that when Dom left Letty in the DR she could have been pregnant. It's not like he checked up on her all the months after he abandoned her...) if anything this means that DOM needs to show and SAY to her that he is a changed man.

Letty takes on guilt for things she could not control. She seems to not blame Dom for any of this, even though him leaving her was the reason she got hurt and "lost time" and her memories. I'm glad she shot Dom in the shoulder. I'm glad Dom had to face that he had lost her and has that physical scar to hear for the rest of his life. I hope it is a daily reminder to him to not treat Letty like she is disposable of his plaything that he controls. His last treatment of her was pretty lousy-from the constant flirting with other women (and possibly cheating, I was never sure) to leaving her behind repeatedly only to have her have to track him down (usually kissing other women). And then He has the gall to marry her and then lie to her face when he says they will be together forever, "ride or die". It didn't matter what she wanted that she said they would figure it out together (which is what married couples do), Dom just decided he knew what was right and didn't care what lettys opinion was. And so he left her, with nothing: no note of love l
Explaining to her that he had a plan for them to be together. Nope. He just returned the cross that was like returning his wedding ring to her.

Hopefully that scar will remind him to cherish Letty like he never did before. To cherish every day he has with her when she could have died trying to get him back after he carelessly left her behind.
7/6/2015 c4 Guest
Ok! Nice flashback. Makes it seems more realistic than Lettt getting her memories back and being just fine. I just hate that fear controls lettys life though! Where is the strong powerful woman who was part of Owens crew? The strong woman who kicked herself up after her husband abandoned her to do everything in her powder to get him back? And now that she has her me dorks back AND Dom back I would not expect fear to rule her. If anything she should be even stronger!

If she still thinks that Dom will abandon her then Dom has done a shitty job showing her that he loves her and that he will never be stupid enough to leave her again. Come on!

Also, nice touch telling us that she wants to be a good mother. In real life the character of Letty seems more like the kind of woman who would have an abortion because a baby would seriously cramp her lifestyle. A baby means no more street racing or criminal heists. No more sleeping in (ever). Much less time with Dom and time for sex. Good for her for wanting to be a good mother.
7/6/2015 c6 13Girlz-Rule
Yay! welcome home baby girl Toretto! So glad everyone is okay and home safe! great chapter :D
7/6/2015 c3 Guest
Lol! Letty is so old fashioned, changing her name! They were together for 15 years and he never thought to ask her to marry him and now she's all ready to change her name? Lol! I never expected such an old fashioned attitude from Letty the street racer/criminal. (Ps tons of women do not change their names when they marry. ) I would think she would have more important things to do than to file the hundred of pieces of paperwork to legally change her name...

And I'm not sure how a ring somehow makes her feel better. A ring is only a symbol of the committee to and wedding vows you make. The more important thing is the love AND TRUST between Two people. Hopefully this time around, Dom will honor his wedding vows to Letty. I guess second time is the charm...?

I am glad though that she feels more secure Han ever with Dom. I assume this is because he risked his life to save her and because he has shown her that he isn't going to leave her again. (Ps. It would be nice to see him talking to her about that.).

But if she is so secure, why is she so scared about telling him she is pregnant? Seems totally out of left field. Plus, why are t they using birth control since thymes are both getting over major traumas (physical and psychological) and it is a bad choice to get pregnant without planning it in their situation.

Doms response to her worry was a bit flippant.
"What? That'd I'd run for the hills? Leave you to deal with everything alone? That wasn't part of our wedding vows Let…. We'll get through this. Like everything else. This is our reality now"

Of COURSE she is worried that he's flip out and run for the hills, leaving her to deal alone. That's exactly what he did last time. He made all the decisions and left her. His wedding vows didn't stop him that time, so of course Lettt would be a bit worried that he might leave now! Get a clue, Dom! At least now he's saying WE will get through this, instead of deciding for her what is best (like he used to do).

"You've had so much shit to deal with because of me, why haven't you ran?"

Um. Were you watching the same movies as the rest of us? It seems like Letty has had a whole bunch of shit to deal with because of Dom and she NEVER ran from him: losing Jesse, getting hurt in the original truck heists, being a criminal and on the run from the law for years-unable to go home or see her friends and family in LA. and I wont even touch on all of Doms flirting (and possibly more) all those times he left her before (Los bandoleros comes to mind). Then, worst of all, after she showed him the ultimate loyalty and stayed by his side, abandoning her life to support him, he married her and then abandoned her a few days later. So she, like the loyal and loving woman she is and true to her wedding vows, does everything in her power to get Dom back and almost dies in the process, leading to her suffering for several years with no memory. So with all that, how can Letty feel like DOM has gone through so much for HER? And not the other way around?

I hope you start writing Dom like he has a clue. And like he realizes just how lucky he is to have Letty in his life after all of his past mistakes...
7/6/2015 c2 Guest
Why does Letty feel all the guilt here? And Brian too? But Dom seems to feel none?

Letty was alone in the world with no memories. Owen was all she had. She wouldn't have gotten hurt trying to bring Dom back if Dom had bothered to be faithful to his wedding vows.

Why is Letty the only one with demons to face? Why isn't Dom facing his own demons? Waking up with nightmares that he didn't catch Letty when he jumped, nightmares that she was still "dead"? How cool would it be if Dom was working through his own guilt about what his actions caused while Letty is working through her own. They could support each other!
7/6/2015 c1 Guest
Sweet start! But instead of Mia punching Dom for marrying Letty and not getting her a ring she should have punched him in the arm for
marrying Letty and then walking out on her a few days later. I guess he didn't take his wedding vows very seriously. "You will never be alone again". Guess only Letty meant that part.

I would expect Letty to have a wide range of emotions instead of "I remember everything. I'm fine, dom". She wasn't a little pissed that he left her? After marrying her? Wasn't a little sad at all the loss in their lives? Not a little sad about not getting to see Vince before he died?

Just because she has her memories back and she loves Dom doesn't mean she has to be a happy stepford wife. She has the right to be happy AND sad AND angry AND In love.
4/16/2015 c5 Guest
4/16/2015 c5 1ZelinaFan1989
Love it
4/16/2015 c5 13Girlz-Rule
AW! so sweet! great chapter :D
4/12/2015 c4 Guest
I don't get why Letty is so afraid that Dom will leave her because she's pregnant. Didn't he jump across a bridge to save her? Why is she suddenly so untrusting of his love. Seems even more weird if she has her memory back.

The part about Tej was unexpected and very sweet. ;-)
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