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2/14 c1 Guest
Love the story line, can't wait for the next chapter.
9/29/2019 c26 10Jasmine-la-Fox
I really can't wait for what might happen next
9/28/2019 c20 Jasmine-la-Fox
I'm starting to hate Nala's mom, the fact she would bring her to a scientist so she could be "fixed" is wrong
9/24/2018 c26 AuroraStargazers
Oh my! Can I love you anymore than I already do? Thank you for blessing us with this chapter, and I know I'm so late but I'm absolutely thrilled and reread the chapter 50 times!
7/3/2018 c25 AuroraStargazers
I haven't even read the chapter yet but you updated?!
Wow, I can't even begin to say how happy I am to come back to this story, it's damn nostalgic and your fic was one of the first, well written ones that I encountered and loved when I first got into tmnt and fanfiction in general.
Thank you so much for taking the time to update, a miracle has come true for me. Love you so much!
6/29/2018 c25 1ImpartingAbyss
11/30/2017 c26 Aesterea
please please keep updating xx just read it for probably millionth time xx
9/8/2016 c25 1lady.warrior.10
Bravo! Keep up the talented writing.
9/7/2016 c21 lady.warrior.10
Omg about time! I was thinking, "when are they gana kiss?" Had me screaming for joy. I'm so happy for them. Best. Story. Ever!
9/5/2016 c16 lady.warrior.10
Aww Leo! Love your story I'm so in the zone reading it! Keep up the great work.
9/1/2016 c1 lady.warrior.10
Omg how exciting!
8/31/2016 c25 Charley79
Love it! The bite thing works perfect and the way you have them interacting is just so spot on. Love how the story is so easy to visualize. And "sex visions"...love it! Absolutely precious! Watching how the relationship is growing is so much fun!
8/30/2016 c25 5The Silvernote
Woohoo good to see you back! Awesome chapter they're so cuuuuuute! Update soon!
8/30/2016 c25 1qwikitty
I'm so happy you're back! Got the message and danced jig kind of happy! Great chapter! I have to read everything from the beginning again. Can't wait for more!
8/21/2016 c24 AuroraStargazers
Wow, best leoxoc story ever created! Loved how in depth their relationship is. And the bit when the bros find out- I was laughing my ass off!
You also made their moments together really well thought out, which is something I admire, because most kissing scenes are usually just about the physical contact, but in that chapter, I could see mutual understanding as well as love pass through both of them- which sounds weird but basically means the scene was really good!

The build up to their relationship was also great because you took your time with their development made sure that both Leo and Nala were to a stage of complete comfort around each other. What I find great about this is that you don't rush everything and make sure that they are, essentially, fully in love with each other.
All of this sounds strange but I hope you get the most of the review...
Btw, what happened to the rest of the story? Are you discontinuing it? (please don't)
(I forgot to switch off caps lock on that one)
Until next time!
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