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for I am NOT a girl! Am I?

5/15 c1 Gloomier Studios
I want to read more chapters of this fanfic
1/26/2021 c1 Quest
Your timeline is, all over the place. (YOU have two hours to pack. The next day at noon.)(She threw herself on her bed and wanted to cry. She then got a brilliant idea, 'new name', and walked to her apartment.)
And hair does not change, in the manner you, and everyone else that writes gender-swaps, think. Hair and fingernails are dead-cells. they are not able to be affected with color change, or length, because of swapping genders. The only 'plausible' way the hair would grow longer, would also affect the finger/toe-nails growth, by forcing the body to rapidly divide and reproduce; as a means of transforming the body from Xx-to-Xy, and Xy-to-Xx. That being, a female changed to male would also have longer hair, and 'nails, as a result.
Now, then; with the rapid cellular-reproduction, it would require large amounts of energy/resources: e.g. High-caloric-food.
I understand that most people don't want to acknowledge that 'Everybody Poops', but that would be a result of the food intake and accelerated cellular division; as a result of Transformation. And as a result of people not wanting to touch on that subject matter; 'MAGIC'(clean, no muss, no other explanations needed) is used.
Everyone seems to think that 'long hair' equals female, and short hair equals male, but it does not. Hair continuously grows, on the top of the head. There is terminate hair; arm hair, armpit hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, leg hair, and pubic hair.(All of which would be left unchanged, following a gender-swap).
I hope this helps you, and others, in the future.
4/8/2020 c1 Guest
I'm so excited for this new story and can't stop fangirling.
6/11/2019 c1 Bellerose
Please continue
11/14/2018 c1 gandrew

Really liked it. Hope for more
9/3/2017 c1 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

2/13/2017 c1 Nogs28
So wait, first you do ONE f'ing paragraph then go right into a "flashback" on the first chapter. Why didn't you just start at the beginning? Name any bestseller fiction novel that does this kind of thing? You are WRITING a story, we are not watching anime, flashbacks only work in film media.
2/12/2017 c1 idea.getthe
it wasnt the fight scene. heck im even ok with you writing "stab stab punch punch".
but its the story itself.
if the story is surround that the fact naruto is turn into a girl, surround the story around that. example answering story like...
how do naru deal with the transformation in
-mentally(on transformation)
-her fighting potential
-her dealing with female stuff
-how this transformation may affected fer mentally(after she settle down and realise that she like male rather than female that she still believe.)
-daily lifestyle, ect
how do people act on this fact
-people that closed around her
-people that is distance around her
-people that is her enemy
how it affected her
-economically(if you good enough, it can. i can think of a few method like trading of konoha with country naru'to' help in the past)

a tips though. romance shouldnt be touch until much later into the story. MUCH MUCH later...
12/21/2015 c2 Guest
This story has some potential! But there are some things that need to be revised/kept in mind. The mixing up of pronouns is one of those, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way, and if it is, put more emphasis towards it b/c right now it's just very confusing and makes the fic seem unpolished. Another thing is the fact that they are looking for Sakura, she is gone and not in Konoha, yet she is there in the Hokage's office, clenching her fist and yelling at Naruto/Akuma. Those were just things that needed to be pointed out, hopefully you'll keep them in mind as you write the next chapter. It never hurts to double/triple check and also have someone else read through it as well to get fresh eyes an a fresh opinion on the chapter before posting it!
11/5/2015 c1 2rockstarmarie
for names bout about Natsume, or even Uzame
6/2/2015 c1 Jessica
4/17/2015 c1 k
Very interesting

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