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for the animatronic ninja

11/1 c23 1bob19h
are you still planing to continue writing? or has the time from when you posted last and now taken your muse? either way could you give a update one way or another?
8/11 c22 animerule64
Add more chapters please
6/8 c23 1Ti Light
Sorry if this is so long, but please read to the end. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on the names please. Are you going to make an updated version of this story with the new information from the fnaf lore like how Springtrap was controlled not only by William Afton but by Glitchtrap( AKA the one who controlled William to kill the six kids)? And the crying child (AKA Chris Afton who was the Bite of 74 victim) became Shadow Freddy not Plush Fredbear. The sister was Elizabeth Afton and died by being crushed by Circus Baby's built in ice cream scooper. The mother was named Clara Afton and she died by driving off a cliff and possessed Ballora. The oldest son was named Michael Afton AKA Mike or Eggs Benedict and he was the night guard at the Sister Location who got scooped in the scooping room (which caused him to become a walking purple corpse unless he has Ennard in him) so the suitless animatronic Ennard could take him over AKA reverse suiting. I hope this helped you! And if you do make a second story using the info I gave you then please continue this story as well. It's nice to know that we have wonderful people like you who enjoy giving us stories that are fun to read. Again sorry if this is so long. Have a great day/night/morning/evening/afternoon!
4/16 c1 blackcute spikerose76
love the story
10/10/2019 c1 Dragonin
You have many non/capitalized nouns in the first chapter
9/11/2019 c23 animerule64
Add more chapters please
8/24/2019 c23 Gamzeta Makara
This is awesome never stop writing the great stories!
4/17/2019 c23 PheonixQueen15
This story is awesome! My only criticism is that your grammar and spelling could be greatly improved.
2/12/2019 c23 Romeo Jaramillo
This story is awesome
1/3/2019 c21 1monsterkillers124
believe was misspelled with the ie being switched around
1/3/2019 c19 monsterkillers124
masquerade if it helps correcting spelling was spelled maskurade in here also haunted was too
1/3/2019 c19 monsterkillers124
daughter not duaghter sorry I'm just trying to help
1/3/2019 c18 monsterkillers124
oh my please change Hiroshima to Hashirama Senju sorry it is just annoying when I read it
12/21/2018 c23 Guest
Hope to see you soon again
12/1/2018 c23 Thanatos 2018
Ah man and I stayed up late reading this. 10:28 exactly and I'm loving this story so far
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