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10/4/2018 c28 Guest
More please
4/22/2018 c28 Guest
THIS IS AWESOMEEE! I was searching far and wide for great EdMione books, and I believe I’ve found them! Kinda sad that Ron and Harry won’t be here, after all, they’re a trio and it’d be cute to see Edward interact with Hermione’s overprotective boys! Keep up the good work girl 3 See you in Umbra!
12/23/2017 c27 3Butterflygrin
OMG. WHY. HERMIONE ISN'T THAT WEAK. and the camera things in the end? she could just discreetly spell the camera to be broken or something. I get it she can't do her power. but she totally can obliviate afterwards. IT'S LIKE YOU ARE JUST CHANGING NAMES. no hermione's character whatsoever
2/17/2017 c28 615articcat621
Ooooo I do hope you started the sequel! Xx
2/17/2017 c27 articcat621
Great chapter! Absolutely love it! Xx
2/17/2017 c26 articcat621
2/17/2017 c25 articcat621
2/17/2017 c24 articcat621
I'm waiting for Hermione to bust out her wand! Xx
2/17/2017 c23 articcat621
Ahhh love it!
2/17/2017 c22 articcat621
Gahhh love this! Wonder when Bella and fenrir will appear! Xx
2/17/2017 c21 articcat621
Great job! Xx
2/17/2017 c20 articcat621
Yessss xx
2/17/2017 c19 articcat621
Cant wait to see their day out!
2/17/2017 c18 articcat621
Ahhhh I'm just loving this! Xx
2/17/2017 c17 articcat621
Loooooove this. Xx
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