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2/17/2017 c16 615articcat621
Another great chapter! Xx
2/17/2017 c15 articcat621
And she asks!
2/17/2017 c14 articcat621
Love Jacob! Nicely done! Xx
2/17/2017 c13 articcat621
Oh Teddy. *hugs*
2/17/2017 c12 articcat621
Yess she needs to tell him! Xx
2/17/2017 c11 articcat621
I wonder when she'll tell him she knows. Xx
2/17/2017 c10 articcat621
Love it! Xx
2/17/2017 c9 articcat621
Ooooo Edward! Xx
2/17/2017 c8 articcat621
Great job!
2/17/2017 c7 articcat621
Ooo I loved Esme! Xx
2/17/2017 c6 articcat621
Nice job! Its pretty good for your first story darling! Xx
2/17/2017 c5 articcat621
Great chapter! Xx
2/17/2017 c4 articcat621
Love that she found a family in the volturi xx
2/17/2017 c3 articcat621
Yes! I wondered how we'd get to Forks! Xx
2/17/2017 c2 articcat621
Great second chapter! Xx
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