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for OSaBC II : That Which Cannot Die

7/21 c58 2baud001
Your shit shows in the council chambers never get old. I really like Thanix and Uressa
7/17 c58 corshy
And at last, I've finally caught up. About 1.9 million words in the main series so far in under six months. Holy cow! What a memorable ride. More memorable then a lot of other gigantic stories actually.

The first book of OSABC's focus seems to focus on the loss and gain of one's personhood. Specifically, how Shepard and Liara were raised without it in their own ways, like Shepard being used as someone else's dirty tool, or Liara being shone by everyone. And then finally given the chance to live how they truly wanted, as a happy and accepted couple in society.

The bridge book, And Then There Were None, then focused on how life can seem to never stop coming back to backstab you, almost out of nowhere in your years of triumph, as if you're forbidden to have a happy ending. This acts as the catalyst for Book 3.

That Which Cannot Die is the result of what happens when people are pushed to the breaking point, how some crack, and how others break, to the point where some succumb to or rationalise evil. And then it focuses on how these characters can recover from such dark states of mind, usually involving understanding friends (and an actual psychologist). Liara, Shepard are characters also show how evil can often be victims of a terribly flawed civilisation, and there's more to ending it than merely crushing it. As it was kickstarted when they themselves got a taste of what it is like to act on the other side in some way, and shown when they confided in each other and their friends to strive to do no more of it. It really makes me hope Aria can be reformed considering what the Thirty done to her.

The nature of power is also a big component to the theme of characters falling and reforming. It already affected the two main characters Liara and Shepard where it's easier to succumb to questionable actions because of how easier it is to do. With epic capabilities, technologies, intelligence and all. But Cerberus, Jack Harper's dynamic with the High Lords of Sol really delved deeply with that component.

Like Shepard, Liara and pretty much most of the cast of this series. Jack pretty must lost everything when he was younger, and then he managed to gain the power to really change things. As more and more secrets amongst many civilisations are revealed to him, the more he was crossing the line. But unlike the Sol Lords, he had companions and Trellani who intervened and helped him consider ways to find a balance. But I like to think secretly it was Shepard that really transformed him before even book 3 took place. An example of humanity, or rather a being in this neurotic galaxy that faced all kinds of hell and openly strived for the brightest shade of grey she could find. An example where having a heart has its place in leadership.

To put it simply, for Shepard, Liara and other characters. For Cerberus, Jack Harper, even Trellani to an extent. Despite all the evils they've succumbed to, were forced into. For all of them together to decide to spit in the faces of every galactic civilisation content with the easiest solutions applicable tied down to their own personalities, and instead strive to be better, beyond merely punching anything in their way to death, is the biggest spark of hope I've ever read from a story. And it's absolutely beautiful. It's why I fell in love with the Noble Dark genre in the first place.
6/29 c58 Ravenant
This whole chapter was one shock after another. The Hack of Elysium shows his true colors, and so does Admiral Toupee. I love how everyone started pitching in what they could muster for the beatdown of the century after seeing Thanix losing his cool. Cerberus had to add humanity's part, given Damocles, Terra Firma, and the Hack's bullshit, but i can live with that. Let's see what happens to Tela, also. Great chapter, mah dudes!
6/27 c58 erik.vale.7
And I'm all caught up. Thw worst place to be when reading such a great work.
6/27 c48 erik.vale.7
alien would call

6/27 c47 erik.vale.7
Hello Bane.
Some random line breaks.

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6/27 c34 erik.vale.7
Typo. Edi refers to Tela as Cena Vasir twice.
6/25 c23 erik.vale.7
shrugged. "I can handle that. Can you handle me not being dead.?"

Also, since all my reviews have been me pointing out typos, let me say this is perhaps better on reread than I remember. I'm enjoying giggling at the particle shotgun about to be deployed.
6/25 c15 erik.vale.7
smiled. " For now,
6/25 c14 erik.vale.7
From 12:
Random slash.

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Vega turned to face her."Yeah. A lo
6/24 c12 erik.vale.7
\Miranda nodded
6/24 c8 erik.vale.7
Typo, random break.

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Typo: how
idea on ow to

Nonsensical sentence. I think you mean 'to not know'

And I'm not stupid enough to know somewhere in all this fancy crap you've installed in me is a killswitch if that happens."
6/24 c6 erik.vale.7
Missing space:
6/22 c58 Tachibana Yukari
Branson? Looks like Alec Ryder might get his revenge after all.
6/21 c58 10Janizary
Very nice to see the quick update in the inbox. And a very interesting chapter indeed. Thank you to everyone in the gang that contributed to a very enjoyable hour of reading. :)
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