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for OSaBC II : That Which Cannot Die

6/24 c6 erik.vale.7
Missing space:
6/22 c58 Tachibana Yukari
Branson? Looks like Alec Ryder might get his revenge after all.
6/21 c58 10Janizary
Very nice to see the quick update in the inbox. And a very interesting chapter indeed. Thank you to everyone in the gang that contributed to a very enjoyable hour of reading. :)
6/20 c58 Qrs-jg
Well done
6/20 c58 4Amme92
You know i had no idea what to expect from this chapter. I have been waiting for it for so long. It was definitely not this. But oh man it did not disappoint. Like always better then anything i could imagine and it was only people standing around talking for 19k words. I may have said this before but if i had a top 10 list lf my absolute favorite fanfics of alltime (which i don't) yours would definitely be up there in the top.
This is the only fanfic where i read the chapter the second it gets out or at least try to. Keep up the good work.
6/19 c58 Meck Viking
damn... *watches the mushroom clouds from info bombshells* this is the turning point. this is when they start taking the fight to the darkness. I am in awe. keep up the outstanding work.
6/19 c58 Jim.Hero
Once again, your Udina broke Tevos, this js excellent work, as always!
6/19 c58 3Argosaxelcaos
2 Chapters so close to one another! We are not worthy!

I wonder what the hell is Pacifia, that scares Palavanus, noted to be the hardest MFs in space (No relation to Sir Isaac Newton).

I re-read the spectre files and is concerning as hell...

Also, the spectres better snow Shep but good, because when she raids the broker and reads the reports she's gonna turn a good number of them into red paint
6/19 c58 11Necronicus
Not to poke the cat or anything, I love the theme and situation that was written and built up. BUT...

Wouldn't it have made more sense to have Shepard and Co arrive in secret instead of making a literal circus show with all the media and everybody within light-years knowing that Cerberus and Shepard are back and working in tandem?

I mean...it's been barely two to three years since Cerberus had been 'destroyed' and carried the reputation of a terrorist/supremacists organization. So how the heck has the media or the respective 'old guard' managed to paint things in a positive or right light?

Since any regular person may look and ask 'why is the Council openly accepting a terrorist group, that they openly fought and wasted millions of lives upon to bring down'?

It kind of breaks the immersion and trying to keep things 'stable'. I mean, at least in canon - you didn't openly market or highlight your arrival by having dozens of reporters swarm you and admitting your connection to Cerberus at that.

So what gives? Why did Cerberus, the Council and anyone else involved think that arriving via loud and proud - was better than just sneaking in on some no-named cruiser?
6/19 c58 1Hewhoislost
How do you make politics interesting to read? Also Did Liara and Sara name their daughter Liara? That seems confusing in the long term.
6/19 c58 23Sciencefictionsquirrel
A beautiful chapter as always. I like that Delacor realized just how *fucking stupid* the idea of still trying to take Shepard out was.

And can we all agree Tevos needs to be fed to the varren?
6/19 c53 Burnsidhe
As a follow up to the viala question; you won't see it in combat. It is, effectively, CPR for asari brains that are on the verge of shutting down, that only someone who is very much on the same 'frequency' with the asari in question can perform.
6/19 c55 Big Slippins
i have read this chapter at least 5 times so far. it's so good.
6/19 c58 Homless at the Beach
Epic chapter mate, loved every bit of it thank you.
6/19 c58 22jerseydanielgibson
All I took from this; let's repeat Mass Effect one and send Shepard to clear out the entire mess. AGAIN.

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