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for OSaBC II : That Which Cannot Die

6/19 c58 LifeIsAGreatAdventure
Super chapter! Thanks loads for your hard work on it. You parallel RL in this in so many well done ways. Thanks loads for your hard work on it, looking forward to future installments.
6/19 c58 1Nogui
I like Delacor more now. Branson and Hackett can go fuck themselves.
Poor Tela tho.
"As the STG does not admit to having full cloaking at this time" Like I ever believed that the Salarians didn't have stealth tech, of all people.
Thanix and Uressa bypassing political bureaucracy was a good call.
Udina as usual, is boss.
6/19 c58 Conner Bixby
Two updates this quick? How lucky am I? And right as I get off work to enjoy it? Once again thank you LP and editing gang for everything you do. Im going through some rough patches in life and this fic is one of my bright spots, dark as it is.
6/19 c58 Anon
Man, reading Premiseverse always makes me regret how wasted of a character Councilor Udin a was
6/8 c57 22jerseydanielgibson
I can't believe I'm saying this but... I was actually looking forward to the Council stupidity *slams head into brick wall three times for self-flagellation purposes*

It is weird seeing a hunky-dory Cerberus, but I always thought Ash was half in their camp anyhow in the game. Kinda wish Ghost In The Shep brought the Evil-Doer to get scanned for shits and giggles. "Gee, this one is a robotic zombie. This Turian is metal and plates. This Asari is a fucking killing machine... literally!"
6/8 c42 Guest
Your universe Cerberus has me salivating. Jack is competent and not evil/indoctrinated, the troops are brave and proud, all together a force for Humanity's good, with more balls then the SA ever had.
6/7 c8 CommissarCrit
Xeno scum seek to lead Humanity astray. It shall not be easy for them. Even now the future Emperor of mankind watches from the shadows..
6/7 c57 10Janizary
Very excited when I saw the chapter update in my inbox.

May not have measured up to your wishes, but I'm still tickled and entertained. :)
6/7 c57 Anon
Interesting chapter. Good to have Alfred and Susan back. The whole meeting was nice. Brought a lot of storylines together again. Also neat to get more insight into ol’ Ty’s thinking, that yhag bastard.
One suggestion from me: The opening quotes Maxy Manwell. Geezer’s missing an ‘s’ in the Manswell family name there.

The grind continues. And so does my watch for the next chapter notification.
6/7 c1 DuckedHard
FINALLY a biotic Shepard story. Man, those are few and far.
6/7 c57 Qrs-jg
A good development
6/7 c57 Aetherious
Congrats on updating despite issues! The Grind continues :)
3/2 c53 Aetherious
Thoughts before starting Chapter 53:

its been a while since the viala was mentioned. I loved the concept back in OSaBC, would be cool to see it again in a similar context.

Would also be cool to see the viala in combat. Maybe we have and it just wasn't specifically called out?
2/27 c17 Aetherious
I'm still working on replies to the first few stories, but had to chime in on the holo-vid of Shepard vs Saren.

"I eat Spectres for breakfast, and I'm hungry" is a line that absolutely needs to be leveled at Vasir or Delacor or some Salarian spectre puke.

Dear Lord, the memes.
2/7 c54 fictionalfans
"you aren't alone in this." Lines like this show that not everything is always going to be awful in the vast grimmdarkness that is OSaBC. There are so many layers of grey each darker than the last, and all of that is surrounded by the seemingly infinite shadow that may as well be the mythical abyss that stares back into one's soul. Sometimes reading this feels like trying to understand the Metal Gear storyline if Metal Gear Solid 2 was your first game. There is alway more going on behind what we just read, and our first, second, and fifth impressions of someone are likely skewed (which may well be worse than being totally wrong). We also get viewpoints from a truly impressive array of different characters all with their own biases and information that is in all probability only partially correct since they might contradict one another. (how the hell do you keep track of all this?)

Shepard not being alone might be my favorite thing about the progression of your story. I love seeing the squad do work in their area that they are better suited for than Shepard. Especially when it come to talking to important figures that Shepard is interacting with. I have a small bias against the "Chosen One" archetype. I'm invested in Sarah Ying Shepard and therefore don't necessarily want to see her lose, but her not being all powerful/intelligent/charismatic is great to see. She is badass, but so are her close team members. I love to see credit go out when it's deserved as they make up for her weaker areas. She has better cybernetics and gear than pretty much everything she has faced so far, but Tetrimus had been through the meat grinder before their fight and still looked like he would have won if not for the fortunately located reactor. The same goes for Tazzik. Skill from time and battlefield experience is not so easy to overcome even with better gear alone.

Sometimes it feels like everyone else has the advantage with information. Shepard, however, is not alone. I look forward to seeing how you handle the council and government conversations. I have absolute faith it is gonna be awesome.
(Reviews are hard. I always feel like i missed something.)
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