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7/31 c1 2Azure Exorcist
Good story besides the fact that Sanji was an asshole
1/31/2022 c6 Exodus995
Sanji was severely out of character. Story was great but this chapter kinda ruined it for me
1/30/2022 c3 Exodus995
Beautiful chapter. God's work. Loved it!
12/30/2021 c6 Timmy Turner2
This was good, but i think you greatly misrepresented how the crew would react.
3/5/2021 c6 JaKuZi
It was a really great story, but the problem with Sanji was too much and too staged...I don't think he would behave and the crew would tear up like that. And I missed the lesson they would learn in this situation like "heyyyyy guys, it is their relationship and you all should be happy for them? WTF?"...
9/27/2020 c6 Nami4Life
What a garbage last chapter ,piece of shit sanji strikes again ,completely ruined it
9/27/2020 c2 Nami4Life
Nice story , I like it , but I really want to know what fruits he found .
7/4/2020 c1 MisterVoorhees
Let me say that I loved this story and would love to see you come back and continue writing
6/1/2020 c6 Guest
Very ooc, too much drama, ooc for luffy to punch zoro in this case, ooc for sanji to overreact so much
6/1/2020 c1 Guest
Ooc, luffy doesn't curse (much), beyond calling his enemies bastards (kono yaro) and such
12/25/2019 c6 Guest
What a fucking crock of shit , they can now have a relationship because sanji fucking allows it , I’ve never cringed so fucking hard , what a fucking waste of time
12/25/2019 c4 Guest
This is pointless , 3 chapters of them getting together and the rest worried about sanjis reaction , every luffy and nami fanfiction is the same and I just don’t get it , does sanji own nami or did I miss something
6/12/2019 c6 Jeffry
Pls make another where it tells us about what happened in the libary pls your a really good writer btw
6/11/2019 c4 Aqua Aquana
Update the bountiesss! Luffy has 1.5 billion beri as his bounty
10/12/2018 c6 1zx20000006
This story is amazingly written. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop until I finished it. It’s was a job well done. Thank you for writing such an amazing story
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