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6/25/2015 c7 Guest
Awesome chapter make moré please
6/24/2015 c7 N7 Recurit
Parent-teacher conference.
6/24/2015 c7 554godamora
I've written chap 7 and here are 3 ideas on what to do about chaps 8 and possibly 9:A. Parent-Teacher conferences
B. Ozpin sends Darrel on a solo mission to guard a Schnee Dust Company train from being robbed by the White Fang (as well as fighting the weapon, which I won’t spoil for ya)
C. Do the Jaunedice and Forever Fall
6/14/2015 c6 54godamora
I'm currently working on it; iv'e had writers block.
6/10/2015 c6 Guest
Fantastic, make Chapter 7
5/23/2015 c4 54godamora
what do you guys think of chaps 3 and 4?
5/3/2015 c2 Maronmario
A few things: 1. An interesting story and good spelling to it.
2. The size of the paragraphs, in writing it would be best for each sentence a character speaks be its own Paragraph. This will not only make the story look nicer but make it less intimidating to people reading.
3. As a small suggestion would it be possible for a small bio for each Dino that Derrel transforms into, if it's one of the more obscure ones like what you did with the troodon(before this I never heard of the troodon). You don't have to do this one but the second one I would highly recommend
5/3/2015 c2 54godamora
What do you think?
4/12/2015 c1 54godamora
I apologize for ant and all grammatical errors.
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