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for A Scary Tower

5/24/2017 c1 48megSUPERFAN
Awwwww I LOVE SAM! And this is so closely related to my story that I just had to review! It's beautifully written.
5/11/2015 c1 Frodo's Sister
Thank you for reviewing my story guest. You are right, Frodo was whipped only once, but I added more to it to make it a little scarier.
5/10/2015 c1 Guest
Beautiful! Slight mistake, Frodo was only whipped once before Sam came, but maybe that was on purpose. At any rate, really good, I really liked it.
4/12/2015 c1 34Westel
"How can one small person cut through a sea of monsters?" You have a knack for word-pictures! Enjoyed this.

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