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for Naruto the Dino Sage

8/22 c7 Fox Sage 1
The story is great but the last update was in 2017 and we are in 2023 so can you update please
3/24 c7 NovaKush
this was a pretty great story it wasn't pretending to be something it was not it was a straight up a crack fic until you decided to pull that Kingdom hearts shit right out of your motherfucking ass
1/5 c7 1ammaarhotelwala
Hello please new update chapter 8 please
1/4 c7 12Phoenix Warehouse Productions
*pokes fic with a stick* is it still alive?
11/6/2022 c5 1k.deathnote.5
the tale of the three brothers from HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS right?
8/2/2022 c7 gaaradamirel90
Update please
7/4/2022 c7 Nathair1
interesting story overall, so far

while very entertaining, I noticed more than a few misspellings

when are you planning on adding more chapters to this story?
7/4/2022 c5 Nathair1
while I think bringing in the keyblades from kingdom hearts is a bit much, the hannya mask from sekirei, Naruto's new jutsu with his chains and his threats to kakashi and shikamaru MORE than made up for it

Naruto turning one of Jiraiya's nuts to powder was particularly funny
4/24/2022 c7 bloodbrother 18
Wonder what will happen next
7/24/2021 c7 Guest
you gonna update?
6/10/2021 c7 Guest
I want to see what happens to island nubai
2/17/2021 c6 frankiebayer2002
Don’t ever give up unite against flamers
1/20/2021 c7 Hyuga Tobirama
Well done seriously this was actually a really good story and a fresh idea. Kudos to you
12/9/2020 c7 Guest
Update story please
10/31/2020 c7 Guest
Would love to see an update soon
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