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for Six Heroes and One Idiot

10/4/2022 c4 Legendary Spycrab
Shame this story hasn’t been updated in 7 years. It’s really good
3/10/2022 c3 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
10/6/2021 c4 waile
please update
1/3/2021 c4 Guest
God coming back and reading this then seeing the date it was published just made me feel old thanks for that.
10/14/2020 c4 18IAmOutOfIdeas
I’m rather bummed you abandoned this
4/2/2020 c1 Kira
THIS STORY IS AWESOMEEE! I LOVE IT A LOT! 3 Percy being a titan and being summoned to the HGW is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see what happens next, whether it’s his reaction to Hercules, Medusa, Medea (which should be interesting cuz he interacted with them before), him being snarky to every servants, or just being an overall badass. Thanks for writing this story and sharing it, I really enjoyed it and I hope you write more :)
12/29/2019 c4 ThePieKid
This was so good!
10/11/2018 c4 N2
Please continue to update.
5/1/2018 c4 4Lord Perseus III
please update soon
2/7/2018 c4 grimjawfury
Love this story . I wonder about arianna's domains,cant wait 4 updates
9/27/2017 c4 Guest
This made me laugh harder then I thought it would, you ever going to continue this series?
9/23/2017 c4 Rini
Please update! I'm loving this crossover story! :)
6/13/2017 c4
Interesante historia espero con ansias por el próximo capitulo .
Percy con hija genial .
6/2/2017 c4 Russel Lawrence
I understand creating op characters but Arianna is just way too overpowered. You might need to dial down the amount of power you place into your characters
6/2/2017 c1 anon
Are you going to update this story considering you have now started updating Titan of the Hunt again.
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