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for Couldn't Change Me

4/23/2015 c1 6moomieluv
I really liked this story! I feel like there are hardly any MM stories out there and I get that same sense of nostalgia whenever I log back on to my HM games. I took a long hiatus from playing the games and when I went back in to my old accounts I felt the same way you did! :)
4/13/2015 c1 38Lucy Kay
Montgomery Gentry! Aaahh, it's great to see some country music utilized around here. Great stuff. :D And dang, I couldn't help but hum along in surprise at how well it fit the story. Kudos! The words are perfect, but the tune's a little upbeat for what I was reading. It was very somber right up until the end, and Blake Shelton's 'Austin' crossed my mind about halfway through. Don't get me wrong though; I still like the song you went with - even though it must be divine coincidence that it would start playing at that exact moment. xD Ah, song fics. Gotta love 'em.

Absolutely loved how you portrayed Bob in this story. You're right; he's totally underrated. When I was obsessed with Magical Melody back in the day, I'd always go for the carpenter brothers or Alex or whoever else mostly since Bob's chibi sprite was just... it's a little too jug head for me. But! That doesn't mean he's a bad character, and he really shines for me in fanfictions like this. Makes me want to go back and shower his little character with gifts! Daw!

I really, really liked this fanfiction. I had to log in to tell you so! It brings me right back to the game and makes me want to play it, which in the end, is what I think all good fanfictions should do.

Wonderful work! Grammar and spelling is impeccable. My eyes thank you very much. Never pictured Bob as a 'Bobby,' but I liked what you brought to the table. And I had a pig named Truffles, too. Children are so creative, aren't they? Loved the story's concept! But, hey, I'm sure glad the games don't turn out this way or else I'd never put 'em down. xD

Splendid! Overall very well-written and unique with warm tummy feelings for the end. It was a pleasure to read. Thanks for writing! :D

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