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1/14/2021 c4 26DesiCat
Senator Roman- I just can't.
Adorable story
5/22/2020 c8 Fluffybun678
Ahhh why’d you stop writing?!, Its so good! Whyyyy please continue the story!its hard to find good fics these days! And this is good!
10/18/2019 c6 PandoraHearts
I wasn't expecting that... Poor Sorin...
5/14/2019 c5 Shadowstorm-Vash
Cute story so far
5/8/2019 c4 1TheLavenderHour
Hell yeah we're back!
Babies are ... weird. They're smart, but inexperienced and sometimes don't have the right words for stuff. Still, my baby cousin once looked at me and said, in a cute little german accent, "*Scarlet*, kanst-du... Kiiiiiiill Henry?"
So yeah. I can kinda see one of the Bumblekits saying that.
5/8/2019 c1 3KnownHalo
I don't care if this was unedited it made me laugh and now my family think I'm crazy...
Glad to have ya back my guy
5/8/2019 c4 Daniel Kohlmeyer
I really love this series and stories you write and I’m glad that you are able to start writing again
5/8/2019 c4 2Shepherd239
Nice to see you again. I'm gonna be honest with you and say that I forgot I was still following this story. But, when I was reading this, I really enjoyed it.
5/8/2019 c4 1gandalf da black
Omg this fic has been resurrected from the grave... Hahahaha glad to hear your back and I'm sorry to hear that you agree with me, adult life does suck.
3/15/2019 c3 RandomIdiot1816
a moment of silence for the dead adorableness.
9/15/2017 c3 1beast5200
This story is actually pretty neat. Needs more uncle Rosewick though. But other than that it is quite neat. I would enjoy more eventually.

Thank you

8/10/2017 c3 Luke Shadowrider
please can we get more of this adorable after story!
8/3/2017 c3 Ryoji Mochizuki
6/6/2017 c3 Redhilt
Plant Dragon
1/19/2017 c3 2RebekahTPE
This chapter is AWESOME!
So's this book!
And this whole AU series!
Hope you update soon!
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