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8/27/2017 c1 10Alicy-sunberg
When I was reading DA Asunder, Rhys was speaking to one of the Tranquil ladies back at the Spire. He was intrigued by the fact that she could think about the dire situation with the Seekers and everything or something like that but she said something that was really amazing to me. That just blew my mind away. "The Tranquils still have free will." And just thinking about what it could entail was amazing, that there was actually very little we knew about them, we just went ahead and assumed. Just like Solas did when he woke up in the world of thedas. I liked reading Leona's perspective, I could relate to it. It's just like the Qun to me. When I was playing DA2, I was fascinated by the Qun philosophically speaking. The Arishok and what he embodied was really interesting and anytime I had the occasion to go see the Arishok I was eager. But I don't know if Solas would be really willing to listen about it. Solas is sometimes very eager to close his opinion on some matters. He's ready to discuss them but doesn't seem to really change it. There's a stubbornness to this man that is very frustrating! Anyways. This fanfiction nailed many points that I likedthe development about the Tranquils is awesome and I loved it because I doubt there's a lot of people that truly focus on the theory and philosophy about them, friendship between Solas and Inquisitor nicely done and refreshing (I was starting to get tired of the romances), and the respect of a very important aspect of the story in the game to methe fact that Solas met with a lot of people and even though he decided of the end of the world, he realized that he didn't know that much, that there's more than meet the eye. And that he only assumed.

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