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for Naruto the Absolute Zero Phenex

12/7/2019 c3 8youngmark
Here's another one. Story's too short for my taste
12/6/2019 c2 youngmark
Nice. XD
12/5/2019 c1 youngmark
Here's another review.
8/31/2019 c3 Borello
this story sound really interesting.
7/2/2019 c1 Josue Cabrera
Haber ay algo que no me quedo claro y es por que naruto tiene esos estupidos bigotes por dios si diras que sin esa mierda no es naruto pues eres un retrasado al contrario se veria mejor sin esa mierda :v estaria justificado si fuera el original pero si no entonces no tienen relevancia para la apariencia :v
1/14/2019 c3 3Jessica9906
When will we continue?
Will there be a relationship between Naruto and Rias?
8/28/2017 c3 Guest
Please make a new chapter I'm dieing here
3/27/2017 c1 5Arrexu
It's option... not operation
12/25/2016 c3 fenixrojo36
8/30/2016 c3 Guest
Well this is a good chapter keep up the good work.
7/25/2016 c3 Dragoncyber22
A good story, and it has a very good plot. If you make a continuation or continue
the same story will be very cool and that the continuation is very makes you a great fanfic writer, and please continue the story
5/20/2016 c3 sneak13579
Please ad Gfayfia to harem
5/4/2016 c3 1insanemaelstorm
Although the story does need a beta, one can't deny his good the plot is. Also liked the light hearted tone and how each character was portrayed. Can't wait for more
5/2/2016 c3 Anikong
Nice start to the story but I think you need to elaborate on what you meant by Naruto being betrayed by a loved one and what caused him to use the spell that froze him for over 200 years
3/22/2016 c3 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
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