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5/29 c2 Superstitious Studios
This fanfic is underrated.
5/29 c1 Superstitious Studios
Will this story have a sequel? I like this story.
7/23/2020 c11 October Autumn
God, I really,really love this story and how it's in the same spirit as the show,but it has enough of it's own unique elements to set it apart. And while that seems simple,I've seen so many WC stories just copy the show verbatim,without adding anything new to the table. There are other stories that do delve into the aftermath of 'Earth has magic back' plot point,like "Fly or Fall",this story has a certain...down to earth and realistic feel that makes the characters and their struggles feel more believable. Like,despite all the magic that has entered Kendra's life,she still has to got to college and get a degree.

I like how you use OCs to to explore and develop a subplot that the canon show unceremoniously dropped like a hot potato:What are the effects and/or consequences of magic coming back and how does that affect society and the individuals in it? This was a prominent theme throughout the story through how Cindy came across her own powers by randomly finding pieces of an artifact,how Kendra was given her powers by a fateful incident, and how Candace gained her powers by trying to help someone else.

And also...how all of these individuals react to magic entering their lives:Kendra jumps at the call and decides to fully embrace magic to the point where she chose to go to Alfea,much like how Bloom did in S1,Cindy does the same,but decides to use her powers in amoral ways and terrorizing people because she's on a power trip. Candace is not so enthusiastic and would rather live a normal life on Earth and doesn't want to cut ties just to get magic training.(Although Kendra talking to her might've changed her a bit on her powers.)

I also like the exploration of the downsides and difficulties of magic returning to Earth,because that isn't really something that lot of WC fics focusing on that talk about that.
The first thing that comes up is how potentially chaotic magic returning to Earth. Earth has had NO open magic involvement in daily society for centuries and on top of that the Black Circle likely did their share of covering up any remaining aspects of magic in history,by regulating to myth.
That means that magic is returning to a place that is poorly prepared for it. So it makes sense that there would be people who can come across a random fairy artifact,gain powers,and abuse it like Cindy.

There's also the cases of magic clashing with Earth religions and beliefs and not assuming that regular people would be instantly okay with something as big as magic breaking their worldview. Like what happened with Fantina that lead to her giving up her powers. I found that moment heartbreaking and profound because of why she chose to give up her powers. Her mother was in danger of being punished for what her other family members saw as a slight against their religion and despite the fact that she liked being a fairy she couldn't be selfish in that way. For all the Winx tried to get people to believe in magic in Gardenia,this just shows that it takes more than getting 1 town to believe in magic in order for the whole Earth itself to accept magic and not fear it. There has to be more work put in.
Another downside is that because of the Black Circle,the infrastructure for supporting magic is gone. Any potential magic user on Earth has no training school to either be able to learn about their powers in a safe environment or learn about the morals using magic. And Kendra notes,not everyone is going to have the opportunity or time to go the Magix Dimension schools. So liked that Kendra brought up the idea of having one one tutoring. If there's a sequel I'd love for Kendra,being an advocate of education, maybe getting more involved in setting up a magical education course for Earth.
I also like that you explain the OCs getting magic by making it so that there's still a bunch of fairy magic artifacts left over from when fairies were more out in the open. It wouldn't make any sense that there wouldn't be stuff left over from ages ago since I'm pretty sure that magic would allow for these objects to survive the it also gives Kendra a long term goal to work towards not only in this fic,but in a sequel. It's clever how you did this.
I like all the OCs actually. They fit perfectly into the WC verse and have potential to develop further in sequels.I'm interested if Cindy will genuinely make a redemption or not and it would interest me to see a future chp from her POV,because despite what fairies generally think,witches aren't evil.
The description and pacing is fine too. It's simple enough to not get bogged down in unnecessary detail. And every chp. felt like it added to the plot and wasn't wasting time.
I enjoy this story and I know it's been five years since you wrote it,but I hope a sequel to this. There's many things you could do with one,such as Cindy being redeemed,Kendra growing in being a fairy,more development of the 'Earth getting magic back' plot,and so much more.

I really hope you one day come back to the Winx Club fandom because writers this good are rare in the fandom. Most stories I come across are either next gen stories,rewrites of the show,or high school AU/AUs. ANd while I don't mind those,it gets boring to see the same stuff instead of fics that actually take the Winx Club verse and expand on it,using what the authors left undeveloped or blank and making a story out if it. But this story will be in favorites forever.

Until next time,
October Autumn
4/3/2019 c1 700mary.okeeffe.16
REally cool
3/4/2017 c11 Winnagirl
Sequel needed!Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
7/28/2016 c11 Guest
You know, this has potential for a sequel. Ya oughta consider following up. Kendra and her friend Candice have a bright future ahead of them. Once they reach Enchantix level, they can help the Winx continue restoring the belief in magic within Earthings.
7/28/2016 c3 Guest
2/11/2016 c11 CHAPTER 100
2/11/2016 c1 CHAPTER 2
1/10/2016 c11 Shydae
Wait... W-what it's over?! Wow that went by fast! lol that was a good ending. This is one of my favorite Winx Club oc fics to date.
1/3/2016 c11 2HungarianMockingjay
Great fic!
This is definitely one of the best Winx OC stories that I've seen in a long time! Thank you for your dedication to this project!
It would be really great if there is a sequel story to this, as it looks like Kendra's adventures have only just begun. No rush though, what with everything you have been going through. You really did well!
Have a happy new year!
1/1/2016 c1 Guest
Me: "My parents always used to read me stories about fairies every night. Mom always said the stories were true." Techna: "Smart woman, your mother."
1/1/2016 c11 AllSpark Princess
I guess this chapter marks the end of the story, huh? Well, this is a good story. I'm sure Kendra will make a great fairy.
10/9/2015 c10 Shydae
I love how the story is going so far! Can't wait to see what happens next! 3
10/8/2015 c10 AllSpark Princess
Looks like Candice took the whole thing pretty well. This is getting good. Please update this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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