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for Smoldering Ember - Hiatus

1/13 c1 Guest
I'm sorry to say this but this is kinda trash
11/26/2020 c1 Nalu for life
I hope natsu and Lucy Stull get together
9/19/2020 c3 2AbyssDragonslayer777
Please give this story another try. I love it so much.
4/15/2020 c8 Dhhs
Hey, I hope you update this story I really love it good luck and great work
10/27/2019 c1 2Agile PvP
please update! lol I want to see (read) zeref's gave when he can't even fathom how strong natsu is!
9/29/2019 c8 1PHO3N1XSLAY3R
This was a great story. Absolutely love it. Any chance for an update? I know it’s on hiatus, but just wondering.
9/26/2019 c3 Guest
The writing isn’t very describtive, in fact it reminds me of summaries. It’s very compact and doesn’t really give us an image of the scene, it only state what is happening. That’s something you should work on. Also at the parts repeating the events that already happened in canon feel a bit excessive, seeing that we already know what happened. The story would probably flow better if it focused on the changes you made to the plot. You could also make it so that it follows certain people and focus on their actions and reactions to what is happening. In this case, it would make sense to follow Natsu. You could change how the events to be different than in canon too, or else it will get boring quickly. Exploring the consequences to Natsu being at different times at different places and doing different stuff is, in my opinion an interesting direction the story can go. But ultimately you can decide what to write and that was just my opinion
9/10/2019 c8 Devilslayer
Wendy is 415/416 years old. Really want to see how you "E,N,D" this story.
8/29/2019 c8 Lucas Arcadia
Please update story and add new character I like this story and I will like more if story continues on so please continue story
8/16/2019 c8 Guest
Pls make more
5/12/2019 c8 soundbreaker
come on this is epic carry on thumbs up
4/22/2019 c8 Guest
Please come back and update the story!
4/14/2019 c1 Allie4Life
I really hope you continue this fabric it is Amazing!
3/30/2019 c1 Winter VizionZ
I really enjoyed the idea behind this story. I always like stories where Natsu joins Crime Sorciere and actually uses his brain. But there are a couple of things I would have personally changed. I really would have liked this to be a Natsu x Meredy story because that is one of my favorite ships and it makes sense in this story. I also would have changed how the tartaros arc goes because I find it hard to believe that Silver’s ice would have actually been able to keep Natsu frozen. I would have had Natsu show up towards the end and fight Mard Geer but otherwise not really be involved because he would be with his guildmates and Oracion Seis. Finally I don’t think he would
be stupid enough to try and attack Acnologia after he killed Igneel, I would have had him go back to Crime Sorciere and take a year to train like in canon. But these are just my personal opinions and it is your story but either way this story is really good.
3/9/2019 c1 diegokpo30
This is beautiful.
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