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11/25/2015 c27 15Sacredheart99
I absolutely love this story!
11/25/2015 c23 Sacredheart99
This is so interesting... wow.
11/25/2015 c19 Sacredheart99
Ohh my god...
11/25/2015 c16 Sacredheart99
This is getting epic.
11/25/2015 c11 Sacredheart99
Oh wow, this is awesome.
11/25/2015 c9 Sacredheart99
11/25/2015 c8 Sacredheart99
This. Is. Awesome.
8/17/2015 c27 3HTFan
*claps hands*

Amazing, absolutely amazing. I knew after reading your first mystery story that this itself would turn out fantastic in the end. You surprised and tricked me multiple times, left me hanging in suspense over and over again, and delivered a thrilling story that was pitched in fine detail that never bore me for a second; I was left entertained word after word.

Great job, really fine job you've done! It was a pleasure to stay here from beginning to end, an honor to always give my thoughts, and I look forward to whatever story you have left up your sleeves!
8/16/2015 c27 3StariChanx
The end! Its hard to believe it's all over.
But it's been a great ride. I'm going to miss this coming up again, but I'll find myself reading this again and again.
you've completed a story, I hope you make more in the future. for the very last time, wondeful job!
8/16/2015 c27 8ashdash2417
* applause * that was AMAZING! I hope you can make another HTF fanfic like that. That was really fun to read.
8/12/2015 c26 3StariChanx
It seems like Flaky is safe with her dad...not really.
How did Lammy escape the cops? wasn't she knocked out? but you know after reading that scene, it reminded me of a scary movie that has the same scene only it was the ending scene and the insane person knocked out disappeared becuase apparently that person wasn't real or got away.
I really enjoyed the characters in the story, splendid and cuddles especially. Is Lammy now a criminal? And the main antagonist here? or is there someone else out for Flaky. also will more characters appear? im hoping for Flaky's friends to appear and to catch up with one another.
How completed is the story by the way? is this halfway or are we not even close?
nice chapter, really enjoyed it.
8/12/2015 c26 3HTFan
Well this chapter was an emotional ride.

It is great now to see Flaky reunited with her father, safe and sound, and will be returning back home. All the troubles seem to have vanish and life for Flaky will be safe once more...

At least that's what I thought until that last line. The fact that Lammy was not found means she is up and running somewhere out there in the world. And with all that trouble trying to hold onto Flaky and losing her in the end, I'm sure she is far from happy.

In fact... one could imagine she is still hell-bent on killing her, and if that's the case... will Flaky ever be safe again?

This sure turned out to be one creepy ending; you think Flaky is safe one moment, until told the next that the most dangerous thing in her life is still walking about. Honestly... that could be sequel material in my mind, though that depends on how the epilogue turns out.

Anyway, seeing how we are nearing the end, I'd like to say now great job on creating another amazing mystery/horror story that will be added to the archives of many other HTF works! It was amazingly written and I look forward to whatever future mystery stories you plan to share!
8/5/2015 c25 8ashdash2417
(Gasp) she's saved! Good job, Cuddles! :)
I wonder when she'll meet her real family. :o (but are they alive?) :'{
8/5/2015 c25 3HTFan
Well, she did it. After such a long time being held captive by a mad woman, and now escaped the insanity of her prison, Flaky is now out of the clutches of Lammy and is now safe once more. She'll no longer have to worry about Lammy hurting her ever again after the police are done with her...

Then again, despite me hating her for all the dreadful work she has done, I can't help but feel sorry for Lammy now. All she wanted was a perfect sister by her, a close friend by her side who appreciated and love her and enjoy the same things she does. Maybe her attempts of getting one along with her motifs were far from humane, and she deserves the punishment she will get, but it is still quite sad just thinking now that she just wanted something simple. Maybe if she wasn't as crazy as she was, perhaps things would not turn out so badly.

But this is Flaky's story, and after possibly one of the most horrific and scary scenes I've read (a carousel with gargoyles?! I'd be freaking out there), it's good to see she is fine and safe in the hands of a trusted friend... but... I've seen some other horror and suspense films before, and sometimes... trying to keep a crazy person held up in a prison... may not always work. If Lammy is the cunning type of person, and, if by the worst of luck, escapes from whatever cell she will be held up in... Flaky is going to have to look over her shoulder for a good time.

Oh who am I kidding, this was an amazing mystery and horror story that was carried out from beginning to end perfectly! Flaky's safe now, she'll have her memories back, and life will go down a bright path. But the story is not over yet as it seems, so I sit and wait for the next chapter!
8/1/2015 c24 8ashdash2417
Some "friend", Lammy. and poor child Petunia. What did she do to deserve this?! Wait, has Flaky gotten all of her memories back? Or is she getting there? :p
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