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9/26/2023 c15 rayla
my 3rd time reading this
a masterpiece
6/22/2023 c8 veorve
Amazing story, you're a very good writer. Definitely top 10 fanfics I've read.
4/26/2023 c15 iNeptune
What a fantastic story!
3/6/2023 c15 1Forex
great story, loved reading it
1/6/2023 c15 1fanksonaldo
Absolutely loved this fanfic
12/2/2022 c8 EnoughFanfictionBetrayal
I pictured Percy dressed as a bridesmaid. and I was dying of laughter
1/2/2022 c15 bZrkm
Holy shitthis was amazing!
Wished it never ended
1/18/2021 c15 Sky
Great story, loved every part of it ️️️
1/9/2021 c1 Swarls
As an "answer" to the guy here under here:
Premise that I still haven't read this story,so I'm talking just about canon
Percy is described,both in figurative and literall way,to be like the sea,unpredictable,untamable,he said that the sea doesn't like to be restrained
We saw several times that he also has enchanced physical abilities compared to other demigods.
It's pretty safe to say that he is dominant,and a damn good one,no matter how much pride Annabeth has
12/11/2020 c15 Crazy-myths-reader
This story is really good and I loved it! The only thing that confuses me is how Percy is bashful and humble in general and then suddenly becomes all commanding in the bed...I could agree that it is his 'fireman's stamina' but since Annabeth's pride is strongly mentioned an focused with, in the story, I thought that she would also take charge in bed and not give all the priveledge to Percy alone. Sorry for the long rant but even though this is a very common and used concept, I think even Annabeth can be the dominant one since she is the one who initiates everything in their relationship both in this story and canonly.
12/9/2020 c15 3Lizaloves
On one hand I am bummed out bc I felt like you were dropping small hints and forshadowing a convo about Percy’s past. Wtih Piper being so protective of Percy I thought she knew he used to be abused. But u didn’t take that road, and tbh, I’m fine with it. Thank you for not ignoring it though!

Thank you for this story, it was beautifull and now im gonna search your other stories!
12/8/2020 c2 Lizaloves
"Guess he's more of a Pepsi guy," Percy grumbles as the waiter walks away.

"I think he's more of a this-place-is-too-classy-for-soda guy." Annabeth keeps her tone even and watches for his reaction.

"Oh, yeah I guess, it's just that I don't really drink." The words feel loaded with a history a little too heavy for a first date.

Annabeth decides to aim for safer waters.

YES YES AND YES! UGH so many stories just completely erase Percy’s backstory and the abuse he went through with Gabe. YES! At least you hint at it! Thank you!

This story is already very attention capturing but this little detail? U GET EXTRA POINTS! AND A DIRECT FOLLOW AND FAVOURITE! Thank u for NOT ignoring Percy’s past and sweeping it under the rug
10/8/2020 c12 isabelle
nO nononononno why did you do this dammit it was all too good to be true
9/14/2020 c15 Cashew88
8/18/2020 c15 3Call me Indecisive
Ohmygod! I have been reading adn rereading this fanfic up to chapter 13 for the past year, because this whole story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while also remaining distinctly UN cringey an dtrue to their characters- and I thought that maybe teh story ended with chapter 13- but TODAY I OPEN IT AND THERE ARE 2 EXTRA CHAPTERS WAITING FOR ME LIKE SOME EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT OHMYGODDDDD I. CAN'T.
**squeals excessively**
*blows nose*
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