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6/28/2015 c7 kshonk33
Very intriguing story line and well written to boot! Please update again soon!
6/18/2015 c7 18KaylsDaughterofHades
OMG, u have to update, i need to know what happens next. Looking forward to the next update.
6/13/2015 c7 3Ara Catin
They are beautiful stupid babies. I love you've had Annabeth focus on the logic of her plan- talk about missing the forest for the trees.
6/12/2015 c5 Ara Catin
Percy and Annabeth's texting is adorable. And Annabeth should realize, it's one thing to be bored at work but if he keeps turning to her in his means he's thinking of her! And awww I love that she tries to drag the date out. I think Annabeth better realize that this isn't going to be nearly as easy as she thought it would be!
6/11/2015 c7 2ADayWithNoLaughterIsADayWasted
Great chapter, I'm glad they didn't end things! :D I think it would be interesting if you had Percy get somewhat injured on the job and then maybe that would make Annabeth realize how much she cares about him or something. Or, maybe it'd make Percy realize that she really cares about him. Just an idea.(:
6/11/2015 c7 6FlawlessCatastrophe
This chapter was nice. Although I'm not sure anymore what's going to happen next!
6/10/2015 c7 Escape4rmReality
Woww u surprised me. This was nt how i thought it wud gud job.. Really.
N i like their convo.. Percy was so cute in it.
Annabeth's thoughts changed abruptly
6/9/2015 c7 DeeksJr
So we have gone from friends to friends with benefits and how is this better, now she using Percy for his bodey, so she is a tramp now
6/9/2015 c7 Jedi1
Well he certainly makes her lose logical thought. It is just going to get messier and harder but she still can't call it off. At some point she has to be smart enough to know what that means.
6/8/2015 c7 Guest
Omg that's not enough for one chapter I need moreeeeeeeeeeee. Fantastic really. It's clean an concise and I love your characterization.
6/8/2015 c7 20PARN of hero
That was.. interesting. Wonder how that will work out with the fake dating and sex
6/8/2015 c7 2all-things-olicity
Please, Please, Please update soon! Love this story!
6/8/2015 c7 2iluvboooks
6/8/2015 c7 TwisT2718
Uh oh
6/8/2015 c7 halfbloodavenger
Yasss! This is just great, I love they way you manage the situation for them, well done. Keep writting I love to read it. Read you on your next update! :)
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