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12/13/2015 c8 41ramonaboat
Ooh things turn icy
12/13/2015 c7 ramonaboat
I just love Percabeth friends with benefits relationships
12/13/2015 c2 ramonaboat
Ha! So it starts :)
12/8/2015 c13 2Sally Stevens
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVED IT! SO DAM MUCH! Please UPDATE quickly! I actually had to read all the previous 12 chapters to recall and get the hang of the story... so yeah... update quick. :)
12/8/2015 c13 JustAFangirl
Update soon :)
12/6/2015 c13 ThatOneReviewer
YAY YOU FINALLY UPDATED! and even though this chapter was like woah what happened i forgot whats going on... I really enjoyed it! And what's your tumblr? maybe put it on ur next chap? Okay thanks lol... anyways like I said before, great chapter, I'm really glad you updated, and keep writing! Good luck :)
12/6/2015 c13 Joeyvin
1. When he didn't show up at Pipers I called what happened and was right BOOYA!
2. This story rocks. Keep up the good quality
12/6/2015 c13 SiriusOrionBitch
Great Chapter! Keep em coming!
12/6/2015 c13 8clo7615
Aww there moving in together this is such a sweet story keep going well done!
12/6/2015 c13 6FlawlessCatastrophe
Oh, man. Percy jinxed himself. He's gonna die, isn't he?! *pulls out baby seal eyes*
12/6/2015 c13 Escape4rmReality
Aww :-) the whole sally percabeth scene was jst too good :-)
Gr8 chap
12/6/2015 c13 Guest
The wait was definitely worth it
12/6/2015 c13 Jedi1
I'm glad he isn't too hurt. Love the instant bond with Sally.
12/5/2015 c13 raelauren
This chapter was cute...So happy for the update! I was afraid you weren't going to finish it. I can't wait for the last few chapters! :D
12/5/2015 c13 2ADayWithNoLaughterIsADayWasted
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