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10/24/2015 c12 Ruzsian
Ahhhh yeah. Love this story. More drama!
10/24/2015 c12 5UKPJOFan
It's a Dan fic, how did I not see this coming.
Brilliant update as always, I'm not (but still kind of am) looking forward to the angst that I surely going to come.
10/24/2015 c12 1Monojir6
did you just. what. what. did you juST LEAVE A GODDAMN CLIFF-HANGER. exCUSE ME. JUST WHEN THINGS WERE LOOKIKG UP. YOU THROW THIS SHIT IN. whO GAVE YOU PERMISSION MISSY/SIR. (sorry if the pronoun is they) YOU CANT JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THAT. sTOP BEING A MINI UNCLE RICK. Whew, I'm good I'm good *smiles really nicely but it's too sweet to be genuine* *plots murder while using an icicle sharp enough to kill but will melt once finished* *smiles even wider* HEY LETS GO THE FREEZER. I NEED SOME ICE. Hahaha, just joking. But my frustration is real. I'm telling you, it's real.
10/24/2015 c12 kkh81497
please update soon! I really love this story.
10/24/2015 c12 8clo7615
Aww I really love this story keep going I want to know what happened to Percy well done!
10/24/2015 c12 MoonLover
But of course. I should have expected it since this is a fic written by Dan.
10/24/2015 c12 18KaylsDaughterofHades
Oh gid, no the cliff hanger, no no no, why why why, gah my heart feels like it is gonna die right now. Update soon please. I am begging u, I need to know what happens next. Percy no, he can't be hurt. Update soon, I will be waiting for it to finally come.
10/24/2015 c12 1RiptideFTW
Yay they're friends again! I hope Percy's ok. BTW i found annabeth's call to Percy in the start pretty amusing.
10/24/2015 c12 Krazy.khik.noelle
You have officially broken my feels.
10/24/2015 c12 6FlawlessCatastrophe
10/11/2015 c11 Ruzsian
Still loving this story. Hoping it gets a bunch of chapters.
10/9/2015 c11 Alice
Hey! I have been following this percabeth fic since Chapter 4 and I have to say it is one of my all time favourites. Thank you very much for writing it, you beautiful person! Have a nice day!
10/1/2015 c11 2Pitselehvv
Hi there,

I have really enjoyed the story so far. So an AU, it is very well constructed, and you've managed to capture the personalities of the characters rather well. Thanks, and I hope you get to post more soon.
9/29/2015 c11 Blake Jackson
O my gods u are such an awesome writer please update!:)
9/27/2015 c11 Guest
Oh that's adorable. I'm glad we ended up here.
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