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4/11 c7 2Yuzuki476
Please update this fabulous story soon.
4/6 c10 Guest
4/4 c28 3amayranni22
I liked your story, continue like this, do not leave.
4/4 c28 StressedByAMountainofBooks
Nice little story ! The rythm is quite fast but the story is completed so it's a fine trade i think.
It's nice to read a story where everything go great and without letting anyone out or dead xD thank you !
3/18 c7 Cauldronw jena
Precious gesture yay
3/18 c3 Cauldronw jena
Lol u like nicknames btw friends n family)
3/18 c1 Cauldronw jena
X zzz awwww
3/16 c18 mugihawk
3/15 c16 mugihawk
The end is so cute
3/15 c13 mugihawk
kawaii genins
3/15 c12 mugihawk
Um I'm still confused about Akira and Akito
3/15 c12 mugihawk
Wow that was fast, but i mean- Tayuya and others are weak compared to a War Arc Naruto
3/15 c11 mugihawk
Honestly why didn't i bother to read this before? This is amayzing.
3/15 c9 mugihawk
3/15 c7 mugihawk
Hn, Sakura should've seen through it? Right...?
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