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for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

7h c154 2willam and jack and jake
very interesting
20h c154 ebisou.eve
Continuity error: He tells Victor Krum that he as taken both Futhark potions a few chapters back.
1/20 c154 Guest
Ooh secrets. I wonder if he'll try that out in the PoS room
1/21 c19 jimmy.oz
What i really want to see is there face when they realize that it was harry who is the boy who lived or that they both are and have something to do it with when in reality he could just tell them all to fuck off not that he would most likely but afterwards he definitely can. I am hoping it is more about him though in the prophecy just to really make it a big f you when they all find out lol.
1/21 c11 jimmy.oz
I feel like harry should be practicing more to be better than others at magic at least that is what he was making it sound like when he was talking about making his parents and everyone realize they made a mistake by giving him up but he doesn't really seem to be doing all that much better than some others. then again i could be wrong so it is whatever and still the story is pretty good.
1/21 c7 jimmy.oz
Wont lie the thing with Hermione was hilarious. i wont lie the only thing i don't like about the wbwl stories is usually the part where lily does the same when in the original she would have sacrificed herself in order to save them so always sending them away like this usually drives me crazy but then i remember that a lot of people for stupid reasons always trust Dumbledore when they shouldn't.
1/21 c5 jimmy.oz
Kind of curious how the hat was afraid of how he was going to be hard to convinced as if he already knew what house he belonged into before even being put on. then again it may have happened after seeing draco's and his brothers mind.
1/21 c3 jimmy.oz
It is the true that he has every right to hate his mother and father and Dumbledore for things and im guessing he will hate his brother because of how he was raised to hate slytherins and all that. I honestly think they should pay for it all instead of him most likely forgiving them at some point like most stories but then again he hadn't forgiven them before it went to tell how his life had been so far.
1/19 c1 Irish Teacher
Irish Teacher Murdered by Sand Nigger

This is being slid under the rug by the media. Her name was Ashling Murphy, she was jogging on her own when a disgusting mudslime minority shitskin murderer stabbed her.

The teachers Union and feminists in this shithole country have turned her murder into "muh violence against womaaan" bs.
You have cunts and simps virtue signalling on LinkedIn and even on Slack. Everywhere, every fucking day her murder gets brought up, and every time they make the point that men need to do better.

I knew immediately it was a shitskin when they started blaming all men for her murder.

Ireland is 90% white and the town this girl was killed in is 98% white. Unfortunately, shitskins in Dublin like to go on day trips. Expect this to happen more frequently.

All said the poor girl did not deserve this. She lives in a very conservative part of Ireland and seems to be very trad, unlike most modern whores in the Dublin area.

I fucking hate Dublin. Please nuke Dublin.
1/19 c84 Guest
Couldn’t Harry kill Tiberius before the paper is signed?
1/20 c153 benpg10
I’ve got to say this is probably the best Harry Potter fanfic I’ve ever read so far, can’t wait to see all of the rest when it is complete
1/18 c96 Guest
NAME THE JEW faggots, muh 6 gazillion Holohaux wont work anymore!11!1
1/17 c149 Fish
i love how nott's code name is nimrod
1/16 c38 judotroy
Currently reading this for the second time when I noticed something in this chapter. No Brit, nay, any European would ever refer to football as 'soccer'. Its bad enough when North Americans use it
1/14 c154 Elrond6
this is the best fick i have ever read please allow me to start a cult in your honor o glorious one
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