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5h c145 16Butterflies765
Lovely chapter!
6h c136 3Infinite Zangestu
Wonder if Harry can sue Fate
12h c113 Infinite Zangestu
"Surely you can't be serious?!"
"I am Sirius and don't call me Shirley."
1/22 c142 abiyudtom015
why do I get the vibe that Jim and Harry would be the dark God and death or it could be the other way around, all leading to a final show down of the battle of the brothers.
1/22 c142 abiyudtom015
I don't think that Harry and Jim was swapped at birth as you mentioned in previous chapter with the time turner that Hermione had to enter Harry's horoscope to allow him to use the time turner.
1/20 c49 junoon
Godddddamn the Weasley characterization here is SPOT ON. Everything from Ron's resentment of Ginny (which goes FAR deeper than house rivalries) to Ginny's wonderful interactions with the other three brothers, to that heartbreaking story about Ginny's 7th birthday...this is the chapter that elevated the fic for me. There are other brilliant moments, to be sure, but this, for me, is where it really feels like you've got a firm handle on every character. I can sort of sit back and chill because I know these characters will be just fine in your hands.
1/21 c145 18Mel72000
The magic word is please, isn't it ?
Thank you for this chapter !
1/19 c145 Guest Who
Brilliant chapter as always! You're a fantastic writer!

Everyone was surprised about something in this chapter.
- Jim and the Potters found out about Harry's caramels, er... cameras.
- Ron found out about pervert Ghost Vernon, but wasn't disturbed. I wonder if cohabiting with the Burrow's ghoul did something to his psychology.
- Harry found out about magic on hair care.
- Lucius discovered the wonder of jeans.
- There were reasons why Lucius was rich.

Harry's entourage was just hilarious.
- Snape's charming personality loosened the townsfolk's lips.
- Lucius wanted to see the local pub's extensive wine list, and then settled for water.
- Reg questioned his admission to Slytherin House because he left his bezoars at home.
- Lucius kept getting cut down using Occam's razor.
- Lucius's portkey activation phrase was a totally strong password!

Reg is so awesome. He really cared for Harry, watching out for him at Riddle Manor, walking ahead of Harry on their way to Gaunt Shack, and wanting the others to get Harry out when fiendfyre was growing out of control. His confusion about "Slytherin, Greatest of the Hogwarts Four" was also lol funny.

Besides all that, this chapter has a wealth of info that's got to be foreshadowing, like bending the AK, the pure ochichalum, the modified confundus, and aerosol potions.

And oh yes! Drake is back!
1/21 c145 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
And draco is back. Yesss
1/21 c145 1wndas-maximoffs
i love this story! it's so well written and one of the most amazing fics I have ever read
1/21 c145 Candie Marie
Every chapter is just outstanding.
1/21 c145 Narupotter
Excellent story! Read all of the 145 chapters in one go! Hoping the coming chapters will be of the same standards if not more! Looking forward to the next update!
1/21 c101 Burdened Avocado
I understood that SCP reference...
1/21 c145 1liz.onia
Amazing. Thanks for sharing the update!
1/18 c1 Guest
do finish the story soon !
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