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4/13 c39 Owen Wister
In response to the AN: This may have been mentioned, but it’s my impression the Brits called football ‘soccerfrom a’soc’iation football) until a decline in that use in the 2nd half of the 20th century. So, very possible that Snape grew up playing soccer if my 2nd-hand information is at all correct.

Also great story, rereading for the 3rd time, most all of my fav tropes (and interesting variations thereof), one of the giants of the Slytherin!Harry genre and HP fanfiction in general. Excellent work- thanks for sharing!
4/4 c11 Dretnuh
Bruh Harry and Hermione got a mf sharingan XD Both saw the spell just once and then they could do it even better than the person they saw do it lmao.
4/4 c143 LucienDuvien
That Wizegamot swearing is some powerful stuff
I wonder how and if Voldemort will be able to twist it to his own design

Lily has top notch communication skills- yes sir! Top notch
Lily much later: How come my son doesn‘t talk to me and shares his feelings? What have I ever done to deserve such mistrust?
4/4 c167 DobbleStratos
Is the story on hiatus?
4/1 c167 Guest
More please
4/3 c142 LucienDuvien
That was indeed a rather omnious chapter

I would enjoy it immensely if Harry would become the Master of Death in his own way and a believable way

Otherwise let‘s see what Fleur has in stock
4/3 c141 LucienDuvien
There seems to be more to Fleur here than in canon and I‘m very interested to see what else is gonna be different about her.
I mean it is to be expected that her mother or perhaps her grandmother is also one of the experiments and I‘m curious to find out what kind of abilities she has
3/31 c1 bunnyydramione
Happy Easter! Really enjoy this fanfic and want to read the next chapter!
4/2 c140 LucienDuvien
Harry knowing magical Kung Fu is gonna be plot relevant at some point isn‘t it?

And Sirius Black and Zabinioh lord that connection is gonna cause havoc
4/2 c139 LucienDuvien
Well that was a rather eventfull start for the fourth book

Harry helping the Weasleys out of poverty will certainly go a long way and I am curious to see where this will lead with them having more possibilities

And well Jim is in for a rough ride I guess
4/1 c138 LucienDuvien
I wonder how one can ever really recover from that, coming to grips with what your son really went through because you abandoned him

Haha and thus the trio is complete again and in other news Neville is now a mulebetter hope he doesn‘t travel to Mexico

That was a fantastic way to end book 3 !
3/31 c167 Mansoor
What happened why isn't there more chapter now it was getting more interesting .
3/30 c136 LucienDuvien
Wow wow wow what a chapter
Artemus really takes his job seriously and Harry really is the better man
3/30 c135 LucienDuvien
Well well well, James neglience and his lack of maturity bite hin in the ass once again

Hmm seems a bit lacks of the Unspeakables to not entertain the idea if Peter perhaps being able to communicate but maybe Peter really is that good and unique

„Unscheudled Unforgivable“ is an interesting formulation

Big uff for James
He really took a massive hit huh?
3/30 c19 Trainion
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