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1/26 c101 Guest
Do I sense a SCP crossover?
16h c161 NoLieSensi3
Will there be chapter 162?
1/26 c161 evillivevile
I'm putting my theory in now - Harry and Jim are the same person somehow split into 2 when Voldemort attacked. Literally two who should be one per the prophesy. Both Harry and Jim hurting Quirrell. They died together in the alt timeline. Sirius doesn't strike me as the kind of person to prefer one son of his best friend over another, even if he is a godfather to only one and he was confused about Jim's existence when he was first released from prison. Lily only screamed Harry's name that night which again is out of character for her if they'd twins from the beginning. And Pettigrew never specifically said Jim's name in the GOF ritual, meaning the GOF could easily interpret it as applying to both of the boys given they are each one half of the same person. Had this theory for a while but waiting until the GOF selection before putting it out public.
1/26 c161 nicsav
Another great chapter
1/26 c62 Anathaem
You're really a hell of a writer.

You're making every hatable character, actually likable.

I mean here I am, hoping that Lockhart does not have any hidden agenda because I'm starting to like him! The same could be said about Peter even tho we already know he's a bad guy, but you still portray every character with reasons for what they do and how they do it, there's no character that are just plainly stupid, bad, or bashed, and that's pretty rare actually, so once again, really good job, that's an amazing story.
1/23 c154 Guest
Oooh. Jim’s scar is vohlo!
1/23 c161 Guest
When is the next chapter?
1/25 c61 1SD2901
Calling it now that Ron got the diary and is behind all this
1/25 c161 Ochre57
Great chapter! It would be hilarious if one of the Potters turn out to be Harry’s Devils Advocate, he would be so mad lol. Also, I’m reading one of the fics you recommendedthe mirror of Ecidyrue), and honestly it is SO good, but also super long. I’ve been reading it for nearly two months lol. Anyways, I’m almost done, so thanks for recommending it!
1/23 c161 Guest
Nice long chapters again!
1/22 c161 Cool Guest
Nice chapter!

The only error I found this time was when Victor claimed to be from Bogatyr House. It was understood that Victor and Draco while close were at different Houses at Durmstrang. They needed to be so that they could play Quidditch in different teams. There was no way Draco was going to get to play seeker at Durmstrang if he was on the same house as Krum and he mentioned in chapter 146 that he did another TWO suicide slams after transferring which is not something that one would do other than to win a game (even to win a game is still super extreme and desperate, it's a move that had only ever been used nine times in history before Draco and every time resulting in an injury, and once in a fatality).

About the story recommendations, I believe there are plenty of stories worth reading even if they were never finished, so I don't believe you should abstain from posting recommendations based on that, if anything just add a note to the recommendation commentating on that.

For instance: there are stories like "The Lie I've Lived" by jbern that I hold as one of the best Fanfictions and among my favorites of all time. That one is marked complete, but actually because the ending chapter was written as a segway into a sequel which was never written, the story is technically unfinished, even though had the author just made changes to the last chapter it could easily be an entirely whole and complete work. After all it was only at the last chapter that more conflict was introduced after basically everything else had either been resolved or was on the verge of being resolved. Regardless, it's still an blast to read.

Speaking of "The Lie I've Lived" I'm still holding onto hope that the plan is for this tournament to feature a many diverse challenges like in that story and that the lines on the last two chapters that suggest otherwise are just misdirection so that it comes as a surprise when things devolve out of control into a "How many challenges is the blasted Goblet gonna make us do?!" kind of situation.

Miscellaneous comments:

I feel both the Twins and Harry should have bet much more gold than they did knowing in was a sure thing. The Twins had a lot more cash in hand from their own betting pool to use for the international betting pool and if Harry didn't mind risking the wrath of the mafia running the bets already he might have as well milk them for millions! (that's what those gagsters get for giving Harry Black such insulting odds) or at least a bit more than 10,000 galleons.

We still need to see Luna get her 100 galleons from the Twins for betting that both Harry and Jim would get chosen.

I was wondering about Jim and Harry competition against each other or as a team. I imagined a scenario where they worked over their differences to prove they were together more than a match for their older competitors. Oh well. Alternatively, it would have been hilarious to see them pull up that stunt from "Oh God Not Again!" With Fred George Westley summoning his brother right out of the lake. LoL

It also was nice to see most evil character torturing other most evil character. Hope that happens again, heck make it a running gag and have Voldy Crucio that rat Peter every chapter for a while for growingly sillier and sillier reasons.

But most surprising of all was that Harry's entry was NOT intended by Voldemort like Jim was. Like... then why... how... What even caused him to be dragged into the tournament really?

Best guess I got, is that Voldemort actually did plan it (the fake out!) and just pretended he didn't to conceal the real reason he wants Harry from his followers. After all, if it was just the access to the Wilkes secret vaults I don't think he would bother pretending his addition was unintended.
1/24 c161 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Quality meme.
1/24 c3 1scorched halloween
Meh. I was excited when you started the story with Harry after Year 4., because prior to that year most HP fanfics have the same repetitive formula. I was looking forward to immediately diving into the meat of the story. Having to go back and read through the first 4 seems tedious now..
1/24 c161 Surion1243
Amazing chapter ! Finally 4th year has begun ! Let's rock !
1/24 c40 Anathaem
I'm starting to like Jim and Ron. And I hate you for that.

Well, good job, I guess..

Just joking ofc, that is a hell of a story and it's just the beginning so, thanks for your hard work.
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