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for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

1/21 c161 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
1/21 c161 17griffin blackwood
1/21 c161 1KyleVindicate13
“Jim Potter! Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?” Lily asked calmly.
1/18 c105 Rugged Coast
I am on my second reread right now and I just got a quick question regarding wandless magic (especially Harry’s).

Moody says that Harry has used up all of his „available“ strands, however since the number of strands is related to core size and Harry‘s is still growing (as implied in Harry‘s prelude chapter), doesn‘t that mean that he might be able to learn at least one additonal wandless spell in the future? I assume thats why Moody refers to the strands that Harry used up as the „available“ ones, instead of saying that Harry had used up „all“ of his strands. Because Harry might have a few more strands sometime in the future when his magical core has grown large enough.
I‘ve always wondered about this ever since I first read this amazing story a few years ago. It would be nice if you could let me know whether I misunderstood your explanations or if Harry really might learn some more wandless spells at a later date.
1/18 c1 5WritingSpecials
NGL, when I saw the chapter title, the first thought that came to mind was, "Harry Potter and the Piece of Shit: The Meeting Begins."
1/17 c160 mustanginhouston
Absolutely love this story! I hope to see see a new chapter soon!
1/16 c160 HyperPanda101
good chapter. See ya
1/10 c160 Yourbiggestfan
Can you please post the next chapter quickly please it is one of the if not the best fanfiction
1/9 c160 fish
this story always gets my blood pumping
1/11 c49 thesicksock
Thanks to your post script I now want to read a story where Argus Filch secretly IS a dark lord.
1/11 c160 gginsc
I have finally reached the last chapter! It was painful. Not the story, just the length of it. I look forward to your update. I hope Harry and Jim can work things out.
1/11 c160 Allheaven Paragon
This story has a lot of random ass shippings not gonna lie. Daphne suddenly liking Ginny. Hermione dating Fred in the other timeline, Pettigrew and Narcissa, Bill and Bellatrix, Percy and Fleur? You would never expect any of these characters to have anything to do with the other, it's like the only reason these pairings (or implied ones) happen only because the author wants to do something wacky and different rather than any actual reason or character interaction being there to warrant it.

I was actually hoping for Harry to pair up with Fleur, since pretty much no other major girl likes him that way unlike in canon where he atleast had Ginny and Cho, but I guess not since it looks like your setting her up with Percy now.

Oh well. Still a good story and all, but the romance aspect (or what little there is) just doesn't make sense to me tbh.
1/10 c159 1Kateri87
And suddenly I'm a fan of Rita for the first time ever.
1/8 c159 kakashisenju123
gonna be honest, Rita's reasoning is hardly endearing or believable.
1/4 c160 Cool Guest
Bullet points:

•My hope, I so hope The Sinister Man still plans to go for the idea of incorporating many creative challenges testing a wide variety of traits for the tournament similarly to the fanfiction "The Lie I've Lived' by jbern (a fantastic recommendation I got from this fic, the sorting hat in that fic is a riot) Tho I'm pretty sure there were also plans for dueling and broom riding separately from the tournament tasks in this one.

• A nitpick, I was a little bothered by the way Harry acted when Hermione brought up her improving her Occlumency. It was him who realized last chapter that she didn't have the same degree of emotional control he had aquired due to Occlumency. It's not a problem that Hermione came to the same conclusion independently, but I see no reason why Harry acted like he hadn't thought about it.

•Forshadowing?, The story wasn't subtle about Cormac McLaggen having an artificial aid that allows him to be so good at Wu Xi Do in a "trance-zone" state. Hope this is addressed in the future and not forgotten among the ever growing list of forshadowing plot points.

•Ambiguity, Blase had dodged telling Harry about Fleur before but now he is just okay doing so? I guess that he didn't really have a strong reason not to explain things to Harry earlier. He must have a reason, just not a deathly hallows prophecy kind of reason. That or Blade still hasn't told Harry everything he knows about Fleur yet.

•Face palm, Harry expressed optimistic faith in Dumbledore to know better than allowing a tournament with all the risks we know it has indicates Harry has forgotten for the time being that the inclusion of the Goblet on the tournament went over Dumbledore's wishes when Harry pulled him away from the negotiations after coming back in time. If he goes back in time again he should strongly urge Dumbledore to hurry back as soon as he can to make sure the Goblet is never included in the tournament.

•Nice, I liked the Jetsons reference, James folding a car into an attache case. LoL

•Plot hole, If the Goblet really doesn't consider entries of students under 17 without an signed attached signature that means the Twins got their parents signature somehow and just entered their names in secret because they either tricked them into signing their permission like Jim or just wanted to do it illicitly for fun. They wouldn't do it for money with them been able to make more by betting all they could on Harry's 50:1 odds. Also it's weird that they bet only 100 galleons to the foreign betting pool when they were running their own betting pool, and presumably had far more galleons on hand than that.

•Not exactly what I was hoping, I'm disappointed that Jim entered his name after all. He didn't have to, but he did it anyways. It would have been sweeter in my opinion to see him been draged into the competition after having either abstaining himself from entering or failing to enter his name himself. Then the-boy-thay-would-deserve-that-hate actually wouldn't and nobody would buy it. It would have been hilarious.

•Distraction? I'm calling it now, Percy courting Fleur is a red herring and not much will ultimately come off it besides love triangle shenanigans.
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