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6/8/2015 c19 scarlettmeadows
Hah! You Go Snape! Woo! _

Who else just wants to give him a cuddle right now? _
6/8/2015 c19 71Nigelcat1
Really great chapter in a fantastic story.
6/8/2015 c18 scarlettmeadows
Don't you just want to shoot Theo? :P How many times have we done something like that _
6/8/2015 c19 mar9893
Wow I have to say that I like the way Snape is reacting to what has happened to Harry and wants to investigate why the abuse wasn't reported. I'm also glad that this isn't going to be another story where Lily is becomes the victim of manipulation and that we know she knew she was abandoning Harry and she would knowingly sacrifice him again for Jim.
6/8/2015 c19 Dagor16
As always an amazing chapter in an amazing time. I normally don't like Snape but yours is different, good job on that one! Please dont push on the IQ thing that you mentioned with Harty. Normally when authors go that way it goes out of control.

Have you ever considered that you are going to slow (I mean we are not yet at the christmas break and past the wordcount of the first book)? Think most people find it easier to build characters which are more mature (something a 14-15 years old does better than an 11 year old kid).

Anyhow excuse my rambling since your story is amazing and I hope we will se it untill the very end.

Best of Luck
6/8/2015 c19 newname2017
Ohhhhh Lily! You just got OWNED!
6/8/2015 c19 Revenant-Commander
Well-done confrontation chapter. I love how Snape is playing it cool and collected and allowing James to make himself look like a fool. Sadly, while people might talk about James growing up, one has to wonder if he would have, had he and Lily lived. I mean, this is the same man who (in the books), rushed to confront Voldemort without a wand, leaving it on the sofa or coffee table (been a while since I read DH).

I like that Snape is being shown as growing as a character. It's why I much prefer multi-POV stories that FF.N is famous for, because it allows us to see characters grow much more than the relatively singular POV that the Potter books are rather famous for. The sole exceptions being the first Quidditch Match in SS/PS, Chapter 1 of GoF, and the first two chapters of HBP.
6/8/2015 c19 1geetac
6/8/2015 c19 4TazzieLuv13
I love your version of Snape, he is the best but he's even better in your story
6/8/2015 c19 sunsethill
You continue to do a fabulous job coming up with very believable reasons for common actions in this story. Dumbledore's concern that Jim had made Harry a squib really could have made it "reasonable" to place the squib twin with another loving family. But he shows that once doing what HE decided was best, he assumed it would work splendidly and then thought no more about the child. And apparently Lily can say the same. It's really sad how so many of the very intelligent characters in HP were shown to be that way. Canon!Hermione drives me crazy with her belief that since she's so smart, she can do no wrong. I hope Neville can keep Harry from falling to this trap. And I absolutely adored Severus' put downs of Lily. She may have been willing to die for her children 10 years ago, but she pretty much killed her "motherhood" of Harry as soon as she decided it was her job to save the wizarding world with her motherhood. I look forward to the next chapter.
6/8/2015 c18 93RebeccaRoy
Very cool, oh this Harry, this wonderful Harry, I would love to have a kid like him, we would get along splendidly (even if he chaffed at the bedtimes, and general mothering I would make sure he got), very splendidly indeed.
6/8/2015 c17 RebeccaRoy
Wow, now that is cool, Neville is a great friend, and young man, he will indeed help Harry here for sure!
6/7/2015 c18 Happy.Death.Executioner
Hahahah, oohhh Theo haha, moreee pleaseeee
6/7/2015 c18 mar9893
I'm looking forward to the next chapter although I never thought this harry would tell Hermione and Neville all of this in front of Ron and Jim when he is trying to warn them away from them
6/7/2015 c18 5Anarky'sBeastBakugo
... so busted thanks Theo...hope Harry smacks him upside the head lol
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