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for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

6/10/2015 c20 sunsethill
I adored Harry's totally internal freak-out. I also think this is the first time I've seen anyone explain the method Snape tried to use on Harry to learn occlumency in canon so well. He would think he needed to try to force the process as Harry didn't have two years to learn to protect his mind. Of course, he still would have enjoyed the misery he caused and refuse to explain what he was doing.
6/10/2015 c20 1geetac
I like the chapter
6/10/2015 c19 25outside the crayon box
I've just read this entire story, all nineteen chapters in a row. Hallelujah. Can't wait for today's promised update! c:


6/10/2015 c19 Guest
I first came across this story several months ago and while it had a good , solid and intriguing begining. Unfortunately is memory served it had not been updated for several months , dissapionted I took the story as one of the various abondoned fics present on this site.

Weeks later I was pleasantly surprised to come across a freshly updated version of this story. Delighted to have several chapters to read I tore through the story and have almost religiously followed your updating time table.

I find this story fantastic it takes key concepts from the dredges of fan fiction ( poorly written abused Harry , Slytherin Harry , Wrong Boy Who Lived etc) and creates something well written , sopohisticated and Intresting.

It portrayes Harry in the exact light an abused child should be and his hatred of the Potters is realistic and plausible. While his dislike and contempt for his estranged family is evident your story does not push it over into insanity turning him into a Dark Wizard for stupid and rather pathetic reasons.

I believe I can infer Harry will be a " Gray " wizard as he shows no inclinations to Darkness but is highly intelligent and driven , also without prejudice.

My only critism is I find your portrayal of his parents as such contrasting characters odd - James cruelty and thuggery contrasting with Lily's meek rejection and embrassment - I also find the extent and effect of James actions to be downplayed , glossed over and often forgotten in the next chapter. I would prefer if the two parents were more level Lily harsher and more foolish or James more passive and shy in regards to Harry.

My only wish is that it does not turn into a Slash ( while i have nothing against homosexuality , I myself am Hetrosexual and will not be able to relate to the story ) and is completed.

In conclusion this is one of my favourite fics probaly on third place just behind The Slytherin Selection and following works by Drizzle Wizzle and the long abonodened Harry Potter and The Boy Who Lived whose authors name i have completly forgotten.

Congrats great work of art :)
6/9/2015 c19 Female farrier
Loving the story please keep going...
6/9/2015 c19 Happy.Death.Executioner
Finally Snape is over Lily and won't it be something if Harry is really the destroyer of Voldemort ahahaha, morrreeee pleaseee
6/9/2015 c19 pfanna
The dark artifact wards down for years... how convenient. :P

I wonder if it being procured from the Department of Mysteries is significant or if it's just that he knows that Bode guy and can't just march into The Evil Mirror Store in Knockturn Alley.

The conversation between her and Snape really demonstrated Lily's f'ed up mindset and how clear it all seems to her. I kept waiting for her to reference the ubiquitous "greater good." And I'm suddenly in the "poor Jim too" camp. Damn it.
6/9/2015 c19 Guest
Can't waiting for the update. Although it seems like your making harry and Hermione both have more knowledge and power then they should. Still a good story, just seems like it.
6/9/2015 c12 Guest
Ok. If harry can use an invisibility spell and that's a supprise, but Hermione can modify spells, your giving her to much control/power. I can understand studying, but in the books wasn't Hermione more book smart then having practical skills.
6/9/2015 c9 Guest
I can understand the potions for education but really I have to ask, how the hell is Hermione so smart? Just saying I would read all I could if I was a muggleborn but you have to get board somewhere.
6/9/2015 c19 5Anarky'sBeastBakugo
You know when Sirus is found innocent are you going to have him punch James? or hex him? I would say both lol but I can not wait for the next chapter
6/9/2015 c19 93RebeccaRoy
Wow, just wow, and good for Severus, I do hope he finds happiness, I really do, as he deserves it.
6/9/2015 c19 2Darkest Nightingale
OOOOOOOOOO BURN! TAKE THAT LILY! YES! Loving this so much! Please update as soon as possible!

Yours truly,
Little Dragon/GoldenKeeper
6/9/2015 c19 2history
I continue to love your story!
I hope that Harry will become the lord of the potter ( because James annoyes me and is a bully...).
6/9/2015 c19 Vukk
You have Snape thinking Lily was evil for picking the 'BWL' over Harry. If I had a situation like that happen, it would be 'BWL' twin 100%. If it would have been Harry vs anyone else, than she said it would be Harry. You are pointing that picking Jim vs Harry is it is more like Jim 5 billion people vs Harry.

The story makes me wonder, did James really do that to his son, your prologue makes it seem like he did not.
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