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for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

3/14 c46 JuliusCorvinus
Why is Molly complaining about buying the books? I thought already bought them?
3/13 c3 Seran58
I'm always skeptical of popular fanfics having had some bad experiences, but...daaaaaaaaaamn harry is stone cold. I was sold on the line "But I never imagined that one day I'd wish it had been the truth."
3/11 c162 Guest
I do hope the James and Sirius eventually restart their friendship
3/13 c162 Ravenclaws Prince
super great story, can't wait for the next chapter
3/12 c162 2Redrosefire123455778
WOW took me a week read start to current chapter, and all i could say is please continue this story. It is the most unique stories i've come across in years! Your story telling is dare i say it on par with JK Rowlings.
3/11 c161 2Tango777
Grand chapter
3/10 c162 2willam and jack and jake
love it well done
3/9 c130 acowles02
Ok I said what the hell to the last chapter, but what the fuck was the beginning to this one. And why does it make sense
3/9 c129 acowles02
Whaaaatttt da hellll
3/9 c126 acowles02
Jesus Christ.
3/8 c94 acowles02
Well that implies the house elves treat it as some sort of gain, for whoever can be the best house elf
3/8 c82 acowles02
Uhh. Remind me to never go into the house elf dimension. That has to be positively terrifying.
3/8 c81 acowles02
I mean fudge is actually a reasonable person in this. This ain’t the 1200s and with what’s happening, the wards need to be updated
3/8 c78 acowles02
3/8 c77 acowles02
Damnnnnn….. that makes too much sense and gets me in the feels. Now I pity the snakey
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