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for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

3/11 c161 2Tango777
Grand chapter
3/10 c162 2willam and jack and jake
love it well done
3/9 c130 acowles02
Ok I said what the hell to the last chapter, but what the fuck was the beginning to this one. And why does it make sense
3/9 c129 acowles02
Whaaaatttt da hellll
3/9 c126 acowles02
Jesus Christ.
3/8 c94 acowles02
Well that implies the house elves treat it as some sort of gain, for whoever can be the best house elf
3/8 c82 acowles02
Uhh. Remind me to never go into the house elf dimension. That has to be positively terrifying.
3/8 c81 acowles02
I mean fudge is actually a reasonable person in this. This ain’t the 1200s and with what’s happening, the wards need to be updated
3/8 c78 acowles02
3/8 c77 acowles02
Damnnnnn….. that makes too much sense and gets me in the feels. Now I pity the snakey
3/7 c65 acowles02
Ah. Was wondering who had the book.
3/7 c1 LordLordyLord
I'll be honest to anyone curious about this story. It's a teenage, angst-filled mess. And worse yet, it's that, but all the children try to talk like adults. They just sound like their pretending to be adults, though. It's pretty bad.

At least the author notices it, and it's not my place really to say, but this story reads like it's more a diary than a book. That's not a good thing. Author, if something is going on in your life, and it truly is that bad, talk to someone you trust. I've been down a similar road before. Don't keep it bottled up, or it will haunt you for years. No matter how many times you get revenge through words on a page.
3/7 c53 acowles02
Hear me out. Lockheart is an unspeakable.
3/7 c50 acowles02
What in gods name is this abomination of an actually competent lockheart
3/7 c50 acowles02
I mean. Snap never seemed like a good teacher to me in other fictions, but here, he is GOOD. He’s literally preparing all of his students to take the most important exams of their lives from day one, their first year.
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