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3/6 c26 acowles02
3/6 c21 acowles02
Madame Longbottom is a total badass
3/6 c19 acowles02
I gotta say, lily makes a good point. Mostly. If you think about their ages they were still pretty much kids when they had harry and jim. That with dumbledore being an experienced elder figure to them, and his advice definitely pushed them to give harry away. And if the stuff that happened between lily and petunia actually did happen, I can see how a young 20 something lily would fear for her family, all four of them, not just three.
3/4 c151 Marnie Ascart
I really appreciate you making a audiobooks for people who love this fanfiction but can’t read it for some reason (ADHD, blindness, etc.). It’s such a kind and inclusive gesture. Thank you, Sam Gabriel and TheSinisterMan.
3/4 c162 Lawrence Butler
thanks again for not abandoning this fiction. it's my favourite of the near 100 I've read. so well written. I purchased strangers in Boston. haven't read it yet but felt the need to support you and hopefully keeping you writing this amazing novel. stay healthy and safe friend
3/3 c138 Unit01-Ikari
Fffffffuck dude.

When James went into the cupboard and found Harry’s drawing I couldn’t help but tear up. Powerful stuff.
3/3 c134 Unit01-Ikari
….I really thought the corner has turned after the time turner arc. And then Peter Pettigrew’s main character plot armor kicks in once again.

3/3 c122 Unit01-Ikari
the list of contrivances and bursts of ‘luck’ that favor horrible people continues to grow.

I love reading this story but I swear every time these things happens it lessens my enjoyment of it.
3/2 c162 1Dat Grammar Snob
I've finally caught up to you! I really love this story, and it's awesome, and I'm really grateful for you making it.
2/28 c151 Jarosfnn
Heh. Lets make yaxley a director. We are 90% sure he is death eater but lets do it anyway. What can go wrong right?
2/27 c162 Ashfold
Viktor and Alex is a great pairing! It doesn't feel shoehorned in or done for the wrong reasons. At least imo. Also I haven't seen a gay Viktor before which might be interesting. Or maybe a bi Viktor? Will have to see if he still likes Hermione xD

Also the botched language potion thing is hilarious. Honestly the writing in this series is now absolute top tier, and still has fairly regular updatesusually you have to choose between god tier writing or actually getting new chapters!

Anyhow have been following since fairly early, don't remember what chapter but Book 1 sometime. I don't review often cos I forget but jist wanted to say you're doing great.
2/27 c156 Dat Grammar Snob
Jesus christ, man. I hope you're okay. Losing family is always rough, I've been lucky enough to not lose my parents yet though. I know it's been a little while since this chapter was posted, but I'm sending my love and prayers out to you tonight.
2/27 c134 Jarosfnn
Such a cruelty from you, first the situation with sirius enimity that slowly makes your story into a soap opera,and now instead of killing ranfom autor you kill kingdley.
2/24 c60 Chapter 60
I absolutely LOVE this chapter! That was the best quidditch comedy I've ever read! XD My midriff is aching so much - I had to hold my laugh so hard I almost choked. XD
2/25 c79 OGESka
Gosh, I ALMOST NEVER CRY while reading emotional scenes but I couldn't hold myself back this time. This is the only fanfiction in HP universe that made me cry like a baby [apart from Elysejský klíč which is a Snarry fanfiction in Czech language - and I don't even LIKE that pairing, yet it's one of my two most favourite stories; actually, in my opinion, one of the two BEST and most sophisticated stories I've ever read, including printed original works (this fanfiction is the other one, by the way, although I read it much later than EK)].
On top of that - while reading this I listen to a British National Anthem (since chapter 60) and despite the fact I'm not Brittish I feel... something that makes me proud and much more emotionally accessible to the events of the story, that I found it incredible.
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