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2/24 c100 SamTheSlytherin42
Siris was able to remember Remus was a werewolf despite the fidelius but Dumbledore couldn’t remember that Riddle was Voldemort, is this because Riddle obliviated him?
2/23 c63 vartika.jain.7737
Your story is just amazing absolutely amazing
2/22 c162 Angel-Namikaze
A melhor história de Harry Potter que li até hj, tenho que traduzir com Google para ler e compreender mas amo muito, no aguardo pela continuação. Quero que o Sirius morra só pelo negócio da inimizade também cair.
2/19 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing


www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing

2/19 c157 FooledByLockhart
I'm just wondering if those five points Lily gave James actually counted towards Gryffindor lol
2/19 c162 Guest
How do we access supplementary reading?
2/20 c155 Lawrence Butler
"I demand you people make me a lightsaber! that is all" literally laughing my ass off
2/19 c162 explodingbunnies52
great work!
2/17 c116 Guest
Vinum bibe. The latin imperative is formed from the infinitive by removing the final -re suffix. Bibistus is not even an actual word.
2/17 c162 Coole Guest
I'm so happy to see this update! Thank you o kind Sinister Man, Thank you!

I'm also content that the plot hole of Draco playing seeker while being in the same house as Krum has successfully being filled. The story providing no explanation for that bothered me way more than it should have.

Somethings to note:
This chapter revealed that Theo's brother was gay. We already knew that he was either that or asexual but now we know witch one.
We do not know whether Victor is Gay or Bisexual.
We do not know if those two have an open relationship.
We do not know if Draco is involved with Victor as well. I'm guessing not, but I would be completely on board if he was as well.

I now accept that Harry bet an acceptable amount. I thought it was too little before because of him being a millionaire skewed my perception of the value of a Galleon.
2/19 c78 bothatbest
OMG! I literally gasped!
2/18 c45 bothatbest
This fic is really good!
2/15 c162 Stormzy
Noooo man. Don't kill off Sirius.
2/14 c162 2merendinoemiliano
Pretty awesome work
2/13 c162 alamarang
Great chapter! Was fascinating to hear about how the other schools work. Also, finding out about the Zabini curse was so sadreally anxious for Sirius now. Also wanting some French pastries…. Haha
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