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6/5/2015 c9 Lastsolace
youve uploaded chapter 2 agn instead of chapter 9
6/5/2015 c9 13Fallen Angel Codester
guess who!

If you guessed the best guy in the world...you're wrong, sorry to disappoint.

Anyway, I know it's been a while since we really talked or anything (What with Partners on that hiatus), so I felt obliged to leave you a review. As for the story, it's progressing nicely, far better than the other ones you told me about. I don't always catch the chapter right away, but I promise you I'm always here and enjoying! Great job!
6/4/2015 c8 Ian H
keep on rollin awsome series so far
5/30/2015 c8 TheSilenceIsVast
Sorry, I didn't review last time. The chapter today was rather adorable...like a baby cat. :P

I was thinking for a boss, you could have maybe one of the god's send down a lieutenant to test the demigods. Well, something sent by them to test their children.
5/29/2015 c8 1Bobboky
5/24/2015 c7 Guest
I love this fic i just think you dont show percy very much
5/22/2015 c7 Bobboky
5/22/2015 c7 888aaa22
I love this fic i just thank you dont show percy very much
5/20/2015 c2 Ian H
awsome so far. keep rockin
5/17/2015 c6 People Are Zebras
I really like this idea! And you are doing a great job in making this into a good story.
Now what I'm going to say next is probably completely my fault or my I-pad's but I have a feeling there's way to much bold text. I just look at the page and see to many random (I know you didn't do it randomly but at first it looks that way) words bolded. It's good you try to make things organized but for me it really doesn't do anything to help your story... As I said before, it's probably just me. But either way, I'm looking forward to your next update!
5/15/2015 c6 Bobboky
Very good
5/15/2015 c6 TheSilenceIsVast
Interesting chapter, and I agree - your username is kind of crappy. Suggestion - SwordOfTheGods (followed by numbers if necessary), cause SAO, and gods (duh!)
5/9/2015 c5 888aaa22
Please update, asuna, Percy and the others could make a guild?
5/8/2015 c5 Bobboky
5/8/2015 c5 13Fallen Angel Codester
It was a nice chapter, I enjoyed it. Although, I feel like not much happened... Nah it's fine, I just read way to fast! Update soon!
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