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4/17/2016 c31 DataDragon 2.0
AWESOME story! I've been wishing they would hurry up with science and create the NerveGear and use this story for a game. [Kinda wish I would get trapped in a game, hopefully Pokèmon.]
4/15/2016 c31 Monica Honda
Ohh... The Labyrinth is up next! Should be interesting.
4/14/2016 c31 Wakinguptoashanddust
Happy Anniversary to you too, I have loved this story since I first found it. I can't wait for even more of this when it gets postedOh good, I was thinking that you might kill off Zulu for a sec there... Loved the chapter! Keep up the exceptional work!
4/13/2016 c30 iron-slayer-dragon
I like this story i can't wait till its updated
4/6/2016 c9 SimmerOnIce
Dam, Octavion the butt showed up...
3/1/2016 c30 CHARA
The skeleton filled omake fills you with determination
2/29/2016 c30 Anon-Korakas
YES ALL THE YES! YOHOHO YOHOHO HOO! that was so awesome I couldn't believe my eyes... ah but EYE don't have eyes SKULL JOKE plus a pun
2/29/2016 c30 the Oracle of Akemi
That was a great chapter, but unfortunately I haven't seen One Piece so the omake didn't make much sense to me.
2/29/2016 c30 Wakinguptoashanddust
thanks for mentioning it this chap _
2/29/2016 c30 Wakinguptoashanddust
yes, i did feel special there for a second... butthead
2/29/2016 c30 2VargasREborn
Hehe Brooke summoning... You have to pay half your lifepoints for that one
2/29/2016 c30 Guest
Not bad keep it up!
2/19/2016 c29 bookygurl3400
*hits fist to palm* Oh yeah! That guy! Haha! He was funny! *snicker* Poor Frank, he has no acting skills whatsoever. Anyhoo: get 'em, get 'em! (get the reference?)
2/19/2016 c25 bookygurl3400
Luffy would just beat up the what's-his-name Chrys-dude. And he would eat everything in town. He's so adorkable!
2/16/2016 c19 bookygurl3400
How could you? You're trolling like Rick Riordan!
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