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8/17 c56 Lotti3skulls
Absolutely love this! So glad I found it and love even after all this time you continue to update it. Hope to see you return soon :)
7/27 c56 Emily Jo
Please it’s been over a year since your last update and I really hope that doesn’t mean you have quit this story. I love this and have read it so many times . I’m not sure how much longer I can go without an update. This an awesome story and please update. I hope you still are carrying on with this story. DON’T QUIT ON ME please.
5/3 c56 15Ptool
lovinmg the story
4/13 c56 Manderin07
Highly enjoyed this story! Might have stayed up til 4am reading before I finally managed to pull myself away when they got to the Burrow with Paul, lol. ️ Definitely following as I am so intrigued as to how you will shape out the plot for part 3!
1/1 c9 AEdmo13
Jake is in fact going to kick his ass. Hahaha
10/27/2021 c56 5Lindy Rose
I love your story so far! The romance is beautiful, I love all the humor and different perspectives that are mixed in and the storyline is paced well. I'm looking forwards to seeing how it ends! Hope everything in life is treating you well.
10/24/2021 c56 Michele Angela Smith
Love this!
10/7/2021 c56 Debbie Hicks
37. Chapter 37. the ALIE RATTLESNAKES Hermione screamed thrusted in her heart dying more the venom then suddenly went beyond the wand then Carlisle save her then too late She was ice-cold was still screaming like a nwborn the bit Fred's neck by granting him eternity then too late drank the Paul's neck ripped his aorta and Collarbone ate wore a Sailor Guardian then too late chained good who turned you then suddenly herself had Telekinesis woke her true ablity to cause a fire with her mind like Charlie Macgee tore head with the Cullens Wit the Hogwarts then then Bitten best friends/aliens this newborn kills People Mangled both then suddenly sexually Assasulted but abused but gang telepathically mind raped then Broke her completely tore from here Painfully then Nothingness then too late was over Alice horrified of the dying girl had magical venom to heal her bit her with Fred with they Snapped brought them then with they with them Irina/four took them down she's feral but killed her/him both they die the screams then Ashes but dust deport the ashes to them at once then Alice how is she healing she is waking up with them Where Am I Why my throat is hurting me with Fred's/theirs/they/all/them rest oh goddess the herself was pale had Anime Falkor's red eyes of a newborn Alice she was beaten you Alice have magic in your venom healed her they Hermione You are ice cold permamently by magical venom will have eight kids she is Telekinetic She is a priestess it is a female priest authorized of ranks and titles and you are clad in these robes and jewelry we will train and teach you on our planet's religious training Vulcans we are here on a mission then in time too late Animals nuked both brought there good these ones are Deceased but with freaks then Hermione swore her final vows was Remamed T'Sarissa was in fact a Acolyte of Mt. Seleya of Gol so they had fused teenaged Ocampan ears with firmer slanted eyebrows far more longer hair straighten violently more than darken by age in a very
holiest but heavenly Rich Colif bangs and sides ringed and swirled sides was in fact smartest but logical attained her greatest wish: Kolinahr became one with Surak finally solved a problem was very studious learned the Vulcan language used her telekinetic powers on a very sick person so fleeting behaved coldly with Women on this Day stepping down graceful began to chant in a angelic voice her longer but expanded hair flying healing with her telepathic powers was in fact ordained by God in his grace in Heaven like in the 1984 science fiction movie Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock like on the planet Vulcan M-Class arid hot hostile a desert planet hand upwardly turned swearing to the Celitc goddess was vowing in silence was still a Witch and a priestess Sir! she is not human at all quit staring at her she is a imprint Momma mia he was very tall but Muscular Fred gulped of him how very traditional he is dressed good afternoon madam he was British from the land England what is that 6. 6 inches tall oh dear god he's Vulcan newspapers reported of extraterrestrials were humanoid friendly ones meet my kitten then Fred had a problem allergic to cats oh he's your puppy he loved dogs he's healthy he is on the diet is chubby his name is Gorwon breed a St. Bernard oh my he's very noisy we are in a Sleeper train in a cabin for couples and families with kids only hissing ugh Oy my god ach vey she was Jewish you ok allergic watch the eye he's a baby kitten Tigger meeeeeeeeeow the train departed then Fred sneezed bless you he blew his nose ergh it's Tigger how old 3 to 6 weeks of age then finally it roared Dawn was asleep in a double bed with her mate with a little girl things were deported to their new place the sun rise rose but it really happened it rattled shook Claudia sighten her grandpa in a state of shock Aunt yes it's mornin' yawned herself watched Cartoons was a sleepy little girl suddenly Kail'fi'fiee! ow where you get that new strength where you learn the Vulcan language taught me on their planet then from here In a Double bed was Hannah and Caleb deeply fast asleep then too late the cause was murder.
9/28/2021 c18 American English
(Bella stumbled over her feet and turned back to her cousin in shock. "Excuse me? Of course you are! You're my best friend." Alice didn't even look up from her equipment with hurt or surprise. "You are my main bridesmaid, faggot.")

This is not an ok thing to say. It would be like causally useing the n word.
9/13/2021 c56 Emily jo
Please update I’m obsessed with this
8/26/2021 c11 burt.maklin
Why did Mione back down? She was in the right.
8/26/2021 c6 burt.maklin
It’s always annoyed me that Bella would blab everyone’s secrets at the drop of at hat to anyone that wasn’t fully human, but everyone trusts her.
8/16/2021 c56 6TheWiseNut
Waiting for your update
8/3/2021 c56 ptool
looking forward to the rest! great story
7/22/2021 c10 kamiyahart
reminds me of pioneer woman hehehehe teheheh
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