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5/31 c54 2Xhex25
so i just binged this whole story. cant wait for the next chapter. please keep writing
5/26 c54 AEdmo13
It's sad how much her flashbacks lock her away from the current reality, but it's great that because she imprinted on Paul that he can keep her somewhat relaxed.
I'm excited for the whole Sam, Embry and Hermione all finding out that they are half siblings and how that will work out. Hopefully when Hermione comes back to herself she can snap Sam out of his funk.
Hope you return to this soon, your story has made me a Pione fan
5/26 c43 AEdmo13
I love the two soldiers sitting together and talking strategy. Then she broke his nose hahaha
5/26 c54 1pyande
Aaaahhhhajgas yessss i love this!
Very well written, realistic and most importantly (!) everyone has a distinct character yaayyy
I love how we've got an actual, legit plotline here that makes sense and the drama is just perfect - not too much but enough to thoroughly engage a person.

Can't wait for the next update (•ᴗ•)
5/25 c29 AEdmo13
I'm dad that she's not pregnant damnit
5/25 c28 AEdmo13
Is she pregnant? Oh fantastic
5/25 c27 AEdmo13
Hahaha! Molly Weasley is a force!
4/29 c54 nikolasowa
Please update!
4/25 c54 Moonkat85
Great and awesome story. Please finish. Thank you.
4/22 c54 Stille und regen

i definitely love this story
so Sam, Embry and hermione are brothers

i'm adding this to my favorites
4/22 c51 Stille und regen
oh, i'm glad you didn't make charlie an idiot
4/22 c47 Stille und regen
I wonder if one of the twins could be Leah's mate

definitely betting that Jake is Hermione's brother
4/22 c45 Stille und regen
Sam is in a difficult place. you wrote the feeling of betrayal well.
but he is also not listening
you demonstrated
4/22 c39 Stille und regen
here says it seemed right for hermione to be next to jacob
I believe your wolf gene is related to it
4/22 c36 Stille und regen
well, that was a change

I'm laughing a little at everyone's despair. but i like it

and hermione imprinting Paul was lovely
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