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4/17 c4 kahlgolee
Seeing these reviews have discouraged me. So much wasted potential. Sasuke and Hinata? Hinata as a rape victim? Naruto as mostly a sharingan user? Uchiha cock gobbling nonsense.
8/12/2023 c2 Guest
I Don’t get it Naruto just met them he has no reason to reveal his secret that’s just bad writing smh
2/6/2023 c8 Demonic Newgate
This is not right Naruto is the tiger summoner
6/28/2022 c1 Kyuubz
shizune namikaze?! hold up
4/7/2022 c1 Aedwards179
if his chakra replenishes enough to use super strength 24/7 then that would be the perfect way to increase chakra reserves. just keep his muscles enhanced all the time. it'll constantly drain his chakra but not enough to make him pass out from chakra exhaustion
3/15/2022 c23 Some dude
It was good while it lasted, everything feels like it's dragging out, adding bending could be cool but your execution of it make it seem to easy to developed and too similar to avatar.
5/12/2021 c5 17Luciendar
Wow, I never knew I could go from enjoying a story to finding it ridiculous so quickly. Does kakashi think the sun shines out of Sasuke's ass or something? Jesus. Not to mention that God awful advice. If we're going into a unknown combat zone shoot a giant fucking fireball. There could be captives or explosives that could hurt us in turn but do it anyway. That's what's so fun about it being unknown. I hate the life I wasted on this chapter.

And as much as I don't care for Naruto and Hinata being together, her crushing on Sasuke is worse.
12/9/2020 c27 1yindragonkiba
Love it thus far can’t wait for more
11/15/2020 c27 Kristina Johnson
Please update!
11/15/2020 c24 Kristina Johnson
What did that envelope have in it and why did it lead him there?
11/14/2020 c17 Kristina Johnson
How come naruto hasn’t had any secret summoning training or will that be with the toads? Is that the namakaze family summons?
11/14/2020 c14 Kristina Johnson
What was the weapon naruto got?
11/14/2020 c11 Kristina Johnson
I bet he got fire affinity from the nine tails fox after the curse seal
11/14/2020 c5 Kristina Johnson
I really want to know if naruto received and other bloodline limit.
9/6/2020 c2 17Luciendar
Ugh, not sure if I'm hoping to like this or not. The story is written well enough, though it hasn't really grabbed me yet. My issues are more with the characters. First and foremost is that I dislike sasuke quite a bit. Everything about his character grinds me. I just wanna punch that little prick in the face. Next is Hinata who only really becomes interesting later on. She's cute and all but I've written her in my stories before and the stutter kills me. What I'm really only concerned about is and potential romance there. HinataXNaruto doesn't work for me. Not only is it too vanilla and bland, but I just thunk he needs a stronger, more self confident woman.
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