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10/21 c33 micolodian77
Awesome update. Cant wait for this to where this ends up.
10/18 c33 CLJuliag
I loveeeee this
8/25 c32 Amaati
OK... Wow. Just WOW.

Honestly, I don't have enough words to describe how much I love this fic. You are an absolutely wonderful writer. I was so hesitant on reading this at first since I usually read romance-centric fics... but you wrote this so well, I was interested in the plot, setting, characters, literally everything. I am so happy I read this fic.

I just love everything about the plot. Everything is so fleshed out, and this story has small threads of story lines all interwoven and connected to each other, honestly I'm in awe you managed to write it all down and make a cohesive story. Each character is s vibrant and full of life, and brings something significant to the story, there literally is no character I hate (except the villains ofc) because you make the readers understand everyone. Each character has their own personality and it blends in s well together even if most of characters are arguing most of the time! It's so entertaining to read. Also, all the references/inspiration from Shakespeare... thank you... I never knew how much I needed this in a robrae fic...

The dark aspect of this fic is really good too! I love the mood, it's very different from other fanfics I've read! Characters are swearing, sleeping around, and dabbling in illegal business, but it all fits together. You managed to write Dick Grayson and Raven well in to this new world they're entering in, and I just love their journey too and how far they have to go to stop Slade.

Jason is so amazing in this fic, honestly he feels more like a main character than Raven at times but I don't even mind because it makes sense and the plot is so put together, I literally have no complaints. I live the banter between him, Dick and X. He is a solid leader here, but he's also such a great juxtaposition to Dick. X is amazing too, his lightheartedness really brings the mood up and balances the dark mood (Also, I just cant help but ship him with Raven too! Their interactions are funny and very sweet!)

Raven is so well-written. I absolutely love her here. Dick better spend the rest of his life cherishing her, because she sacrifices so much for him (which is a very canon Raven thing to do). She also stands out without being too much out on the front lines like the rest of the characters. She takes a backseat and is more of a medic, and support at times but I just love her role here and nobody outshines her. She is still Raven, even if she's not out constantly going out on missions. I really hope she survives and I'm so curious to see how Dick and Raven end up where they are at the start of "The Red Right Hand".

Also. Dick. He's just fantastic here. His story is soo good. Like I genuinely don't have enough words to praise your writing. You made me fall in love with him even more (and i didn't even know that was possible, but here we are...) His relationship with Bruce, Jason, Slade, and his parents... his dilemma leaving the Titans and embarking on a mission that will blacklist him from the Justice League. SO. WELL. DONE.

The romance between Dick and Raven is soo goooodd, I'm literally holding my breath every time they share a scene together, even if they're hugging or just holding hands. In the midst of the chaos their romance is so soft, slow and sweet (and angsty) I love it so much!

I cannot wait for you to update. Thank you so much for taking your time out to write this fanfic, and sharing with us. "The Red Right Hand" is a masterpiece.
8/6 c32 Guest
Hope all is well! Looking forward to the next update!
5/10 c32 2Nightraethingzz
update plzzz
5/5 c32 Guest
Oo, this story is getting better and better. Thanks for the chapter!
5/3 c32 ThatGirlJaneFox
Great update! I very much enjoyed all of the twists and turns :D I would have liked some more Dick and Raven interaction, but I’m sure you’ve got your bases more than covered.

I can’t wait for the next chapter, I just hope this isn’t going where I think I clocked it earlier on... but I shall read on regardless!

Hope you’re keeping wellstaying as safe as possible.

Much love,
-Fox x
5/1 c32 recey2010
cool update
nice to see dick taking on this mentorship role
still wishing for more raven interaction tho
5/1 c32 Esme
Oh my god haha this chapter was chaotic in a fun way. Everyone is just so mad and over it and I am now stressed that Waller is in the picture. she is bad news bears but I’m looking forward to see her part in the story play out. I hope we get to revisit what Dick and Raven talked about in regards to Helena. I also can’t believe we are close to the end. This fic is definitely and with out a doubt my favorite. i look forward to re-reading the whole thing again. Anywho, thank you for the update! As always it was well written and im excited for the next!
4/30 c32 micolodian77
intense chapter. Hope your staying safe and healthy
4/30 c32 Guest
Bravo . your writing is amazing. I just wanna know when will dick and raven talk together about what is happening between them and when will she tell dick about her fight with kori. Hope they end up together ! :)
4/18 c21 missyrod
Hello, I really enjoy this story. Although it’s hard for me to get through personally I’m on chapter 21 and I feel like 90% of what’s happened it straight dialogue not even significant dialogue sometimes. Maybe it’s just me though. I love all the back story and the history and everything. The first few chapters were interesting because stuff was happening. But after they joined Jason’s gang it just feels like other than them transporting the drugs nothing has happened.

I love how you write you paint a great picture. You explain things so good. I feel like your a professional writer.

Please don’t take this as a flame because it is not. I was just expressing my opinion on it, maybe it my mood affecting how I feel about the story. I am going to keep pushing through because I really like the concept and I know there is action to come. You really do write beautifully.
4/13 c31 ThatGirlJaneFox
Bravo! Bravo! I’ve been reading a lot lately and yours is definitely one of the best! I’ve been completely wrapped in this world you’ve brought to life.
I cannot wait for the following chapters. It’s been a joy to read.

Much love,
2/13 c31 shadowyshadow
I was in the hospital the last couple of days and reread the whole story - definitely still holds up. I feel like things are just starting to really heat up. Looking forward to any further updates!
2/13 c31 Asilla
Great to see an update! There's something about your writing that's really unique, especially for a fanfic, and I really love it. I love this whole, duck away from Gordon drama going on. Looking forward to more! Oh, and thanks for the 4th wall fun!
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