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3/13/2016 c14 Guest
you suck
2/14/2016 c14 2Call Me Fin
you killed jada die
2/8/2016 c14 8My-Mental-Mind
Hi! Oh this is a summary? ;-;
Nooo Sophia...but I guess if that's what you want to do then, you do it no?

Foster got rekt so bad by Auriga, that's some painful shit. Kaori and my girrrl killing Aegis...wait did Cerise run away or did she go with the other two? Damn, so far, you've really caught Arika's willfulness, I like that. Jazzlyn, Silo, Auriga, Kelsier: Holy shit, the career pack split pretty quickly, and with Corton's temper, it looks like we got a few casualities O.O

But hey, its the Hunger Games!

Damn, Sutter just sacrificed Klaus to save his own skin their. Kaori is as vicious as ever I see. Yeah, Devyn made the worst decision to stick with Eilat...fucking hell though Eilat actually kind of scares me, she ruthless. "laugh like I goat" LMAOOO I CANT SOPHIA STOP IT
Damn, another kill for Kaori...Kaori and Eilat are racking up a healthy kill count. Corton and Jada had a rather...explosive...fight, but hey they took each other out, so I guess Corton got Jada back. Sorry honey :/
I didn't expect Kiah or Solari to go in the way that they did, but hey I guess that was something interesting O.o
Cerise takes out Eilat, and Sutter takes out Kaori...damn rip. Yeah, I don't think Arika would have had the guts, bless her. Okay, this is getting exciting like...my girl in the top 3?! IM DYING INSIDE OKAY

NOOO that's such a horrible way to go, but Sutter vs Arika was so sad...I'm surprised he got this far if I'm honest, but hey, here he is. WHAT NO WHY IS THERE A FIRE, THAT'S BRUTAL. HOLY SHIT.
That's some chilling imagery there, for Sutters death...now Cerise vs Arika.
It's so weird how they were so similar but both had to kill. I guess they both realised that they had to kill to do something right. CERISE BABE ;-;

I don't know what to say...I mean ARIKA FUCKING WON LIKE WHAT THE FUCK
I mean on the one hand I wanna thank you! I've never had a victor before, and it's great that I finally have one, even if I did get the news through a summary. I mean, I wanted Arika to win, but never thought she WOULD win, you know? On the other hand, I was positive that she wouldn't win actually...I reminded myself that she'd probably die...
So as much as I'm happy about getting my first victor, I feel like it's wrong? Like Arika wasn't supposed to win...or she didn't deserve to win. OH WELL TOO BAD! I HAVE A VICTOR NOW :D
Thanks Sophia baeee! You wrote her perfectly, especially in this summary. You showed how she became a willful and strong fighter, while still (sorta) keeping her humanity. So thank you so much, I really, really, mean it :D

As for you Sophia, I'm going to miss you. Okay, yeah, we've had a lot of beef in the past, but I feel like I remember the good times better than the bad ones. And hey! It was you who introduced me to Melanie Martinez. Her music has been an absolute inspiration, and I'm taking steps to being more positive, because Melanie's music has actually made a really big impact on my life, even when I thought she'd just be some singer that Sophia listened to you. So I wanna thank you for introducing me to Melanie, because she's been a big help in reminding me of what's really important...and yeah...half of her songs are parallel with some of my experiences, so it's been very relevant and helpful for me :)

Life is busy, and I guess you have to deal with some stuff. If you come back, I'd be happy to welcome you back...but for now, don't be stranger Sophia. If you need any help, just hit me up because yeah, as much as life is rough, there are people out there that worry about their friends a little too much...
Good advice for the "new generation" as well, because yeah, it's shit, but we love it anyway XD

Again, thank you so much for my first victor! I'm sorry if this review was just gibberish, but yeah! Good luck, have fun, and don't take shit. Set them all on fiyah ;o
From the old and boring
~Fiero (still on fucking FIYAHH :D)
2/5/2016 c14 31li'l fat necrosis
don't pull a jake
2/3/2016 c14 4bobothebear
ily sophia

can you start two more syots so you can give me 15th and 24th pls

final thots: why did leander die so early (u salty bout sia ? )
oh wait
wrong story
still bitter (: :) (: :)

thoughts on victor: i like her hair

last words: how's it going clOUDY!
2/2/2016 c14 etan
good shit..

i will miss your sweet voice

We should do a co-summary sum time?
2/2/2016 c14 2TitanMaddix
Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. All things that describe you and your summary ;)))) I'll leave a better review when I have the time and motivation.
2/2/2016 c14 10nevergone4ever
hello its me
2/2/2016 c14 jalen
12/19/2015 c13 8My-Mental-Mind
I never actually reviewed this. About time! Sorry about that.
I'm ready for this grisly bloodbath. Ready for BLOOD.

Jude: Wait, he's engaged? I wasn't aware of that. Either that or I couldn't read before. "Eilat makes a noise like a laughing goat". Sophia. I choked on my drink. You're too much XD
Wow, I thought Jude was better than that. Too bad for Quentyn, Auriga just stabbed him, almost like a pig on a spit roast. He's dead. Too bad for him. Still, it looks like that alliance got out unscathed.

Kaori: Okay, okay, Arika, girl you're insane. *sigh* Come on now Sophia. Wait, she just killed Demetrius? STAB HIM GIRL GET THOSE KILLS FOR ME. Seriously though, who is stupid enough to go back into the bloodbath? Obviously my character. Still I guess you caught that part well. I mean she's naive, but she's not an idiot. I can't stop ya. RIP Demetrius and CODEE MY BABY. (he's not even mine but okay) GDI HE'S DEAD ;-;

Jada: So...she can't kill? She literally just spared the most annoying tribute in the entire game just because she won't put someone on her choppin' block? Okay. Too bad for Ayden, being slaughtered by Colton. It really was Jada's turn and but I have a feeling that the other careers aren't going to be too happy with her. Her loss.

Sutter: A nice beheading scene there, nice and simple. It was Kyran's fault, really. All he had to do was not to be so worried about the whole thing. I mean, you are only killing people. Maybe I make that sound easy. I forget I can be a bit of a psycho. Opps! XD No but seriously, Kiah must be heartbroken. She was quite close to him before. I'm not surprised if there was a showdown between her and Sutter for this.

Caleigh: RIP girl! Shame she had to go to EILAT of all people. Now Eilat's insane. Everyone's now either insane or not insane. It was a weird scene for me, I thought that Devyn and Eilat were good with Caleigh but then I forget that people betray each other in the Hunger Games. Damn. Lots of death. You had some really smooth and decent lines in this. I really love your writing style, and I can't get enough of it!

I'm gonna miss them all aww :)

And yeah, you got that razzle dazzle ;o
Keep up the good work, and update whenever you can :)
12/3/2015 c13 4Cosmic Corsair
Amazing work here.

I'm really proud of you for conquering your de-motivation. I sort of expected a summary, but you surprised me here in a good way. :) So hey, this showed me that you don't want to let people down and enjoy writing more than you let on.

I'm too nice to give criticism, but I will say that I feel like Teen Idle still had more impact for me plot-wise and character-wise. I think the only way to combat that is to just try different stuff in your writing to keep things interesting and new. Instead of relying on generic plots, go for something against the norm or something. You're already doing that by killing two f'n Careers in the Bloodbath which is unique so it;s definitely a start of something different, plus it goes to show nobody has the advantage in the Games and realistically, that anyone can die.

Quentyn was great, but I never got the feeling he was in it to win it, mentally at least.

I actually LOVED Demetrius. Yeah, he was greasy and kind of shady, but it made him really intimidating and rugged.

Ayden, I forgot about him honestly. He was very realistic, but I didn't see enough of him.

Kyran was great. I'm not sure why he died because he was like the people's champion here but you're unpredictable when it comes to killing off characters.

Caleigh, I didn't even realize was Jake's until like now. Shit, that sucks for him. Poor kid.

You still got it.

Take yo time.
11/22/2015 c13 recklessinparadise
This cheered me up more than you could ever know Soph. Of course you are still amazing.

I loved it but Kyran and Ayden's deaths got me. So sad. Jada's softer side shocked me. The arena is so genius!

I know it's short and a shit review, sorry.

See you next time bae.
11/21/2015 c13 2Call Me Fin
I'm literally dying at the AN... Especially Aydans part... Honestly who are you!?
11/18/2015 c13 2TitanMaddix
Cool arena.

Two Careers down. Neat.

Thanks for not killing Jude!

Sorry for this shit review.

You're great! Like absolutely fabulous.
11/17/2015 c13 31li'l fat necrosis
i thought we had a deal
the gamemaker would strap them all, but eilat, on a plane and have it explode
so that eilat can get back to fucking them and fucking over samira, kellis, and sieran?
ugh, okay.

omg 'nother kill. fuck you jake. wait no jake.
im jalen now: i love you senpai

im going to be honest and admit i have nothing but tears for quentynallude. remus i expect better don't turn into... :o no i don't wanna make her appear

eilat x jada: i ship it. (omg eiada. can i name my daughter this?)

this review is shit but honestly, i wanna review you so you don't continue biting me and so i can appear more superior.

great talk champ, keep eilat alive until i can get a placement i don't have SINCE I WAS ROBBED OF 24TH AGAIN.
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