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for A Messenger's Angst

4/20/2015 c1 1xToffifee
This is a great chapter and I can't wait to read more! I love the characters and I love the drama and suspense. If this is the intro, I can't wait to see what the rest of the story is like! Brilliant descriptions of life in the districts. Your descriptive skills are wonderful and I love how each district gets it's own unique 'personality'. It's a great backdrop for the tributes. By using this as an intro, we get to find out more about where each tribute if from (when they are submitted obviously :D), so the reader can put them in context a bit and understand where the characters are coming from. A really clever choice of intro! I will definitely submit a tribute and I look forward to reading more!
4/20/2015 c1 8My-Mental-Mind










I can explain

Anyway, this was a really good first chapter to AMA. AMA IS BAEEEEE
Aldo is a very interesting character! I think he's very unique. I got the idea the he was writing about the Districts for the rebel movement? It sounds petty grim in Five, Six, Eleven and Twelve. And Nine is making a rise to the fourth career District after Teen Idle...
Damn, there's a lot going on here, and I'm really excited for this!

I'll be sending in my lovely trib to you very soon :3

Woo, go spha! Go bae XD
I'll catch you next time :)

Over and out!
4/20/2015 c1 A M4D TE4-P4RTY
This is a great chapter! I love your writing style - it's dramatic and gripping. I love the vivid descriptions, for example the description of life in some of the districts. The way you wrote those summaries of the districts actually sounds like a real pamphlet - the writing style is brilliant! Also, I love how you have added short bits of Aldo's thoughts in between each district. I love how you have made him think about what's going on in each district as he writes about it. It's also very that you made Aldo run out of time writing and have to shorten the parts about the later districts - it cleverly stopped the descriptions form seeming to long or repetitive. Seriously, this chapter is beautifully and cleverly written!

The idea is also great. I love SYOTs that have more of a plot to them than just '24 tributes in an arena, 23 die, 1 wins'. The rebel aspect totally adds to the plot and the storyline. I can't wait to see where you are going with this... Also it gives the opportunity to introduce more characters, like Aldo, so it's not only about the tributes.

I love the feel the reader gets for what Panem is like to live in. With your vivid descriptions of life in each district you have put the Hunger Games and what is going to happen in the rest of the story in context, which I think is great.

Aldo is a great character and I love his interaction with his son - he cares about him but also respects him for what he is doing for the rebels. I also love where he (Aldo) fits into the hierarchy of the rebels - he's not unrealistically important and he doesn't know all their plans or anything. I'm worried about Dell and Kaziah now... Will they get caught trying to deliver this? I definitely want to hear more about these characters. The one character I really want to read about though: Dalton Chroma. For some reason you got me really intrigued about him... I'd love to know more about him and where he fits into the rebels plans exactly. (I know he's probably meant to be a totally unimportant character, but I'm strange like that :D Something about him really piqued my interest.)

I could go on and on about what's good about this chapter, but I've run out of time to finish my review :D Great chapter! Seriously. I can't wait to read more and I hope you get all your tributes soon! :)
4/19/2015 c1 TheSilentBlackbird
I'm really excited for this SYOT to get started. I love your writing style and I haven't found even the smallest grammar or spelling mistake in the whole chapter. Since you've published other SYOTs I'm hoping you'll finish this one because most authors don't, but even if you can't a couple chapters would be great, though they wouldn't be at all satisfying because there would so many cliffhangers! Hope you update soon :)
4/19/2015 c1 6santiago.poncini20
I will try to make a tribute! This seems awesome!
4/19/2015 c1 4Cosmic Corsair
To review or not to review?

Things are certainly picking up here. My stomach flurried with excitement at the thought of yet another SYOT story being produced by a distinguished authoress.

This was a great start to what will be an even greater story. Creative way to establish exposition without pulling you away from the narrative. Gripping, vivid, and descriptive in every regard.

And now, I am faced with yet another crucial, heart-wrenching decision.

To submit or not to submit?
4/19/2015 c1 1Jms2
I can't wait for this story to start!
4/19/2015 c1 7SomeDays
Am I an instant bae now? xD haha

Great intro! and, I mean it, yeah. It's a great way to write about the districts and let us get a feel for what state they're, without being boring. Yeah, it was interesting! And I really like Aldo, he's pretty cool :3

Hope this isn't your last SYOT, you're an honestly fantastic writer, and..yea... I'd be sad.
4/19/2015 c1 2Nocturnite
Wow, how have I not heard of you before? Your writing is so enticing and intriguing, and I was immediately drawn in by the lyrics from Psycho Killer. Great to know you have an amazing music taste! But all kidding aside, this was a really unique prologue.

There's definitely a long chain involving the rebellion, which is inevitable no matter what. There's always going to be some dissidents among the districts. This scene did justice with the title, and I'm totally sending in a tribute! :)
4/19/2015 c1 ElliiLouise
Nice perspective on all of the districts and a really well written chapter. And I like Aldo, he seems like he'll be a big player for these Games, even if he's not directly involved. Hopefully his son will be okay and I can't wait for a different kind (but hopefully just as awesome) chapter!
4/19/2015 c1 recklessinparadise
Oh my god Soph, you've knocked out a killer first introduction again. I loved it, and it's a very creative way of describing each district. No story I've read has had a rebellious introduction quite like yours. And I love the title! ;)

Be expecting my tributes,
4/19/2015 c1 3xQueen-Of-Applesx
I like how you described the district's and such thw characters also seem interesting. Looking forward to this :)
4/19/2015 c1 6LokiThisIsMadness
You know I love this? Well, because I do! :D

That was really, really interesting. I loved Aldo, and how he thinks and acts but most of all, I loved his relationship with his wife and with his son, too. He is a family person, but he knows what he has to do, and that's really relatable.

What he wrote about the districts was the best part of the prologue, it showed us what's happening around Panem. Where did Delltake the envelope, though? That is something I hope will be answered soon.

This was great, darling, expect my tributes tomorrow! :D
4/19/2015 c1 31li'l fat necrosis
Cant wait oh my god so excited
love you sophia
Can't review correctly
Beautiful job with the chapter
Will review better next time
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