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9/14/2015 c11 SpaceAgeDino
Very interesting turn of events. I wonder how it will impact the arena experience.
9/14/2015 c11 2TitanMaddix
I really really love the memory loss thing. Seriously, your ideas for this story are beautiful! First the Careers, now this? You're blowing my mind.

So, who do I want to die? That's a good question. I think seeing one or two Careera dying would be interesting. Specifically, Quentyn. I don't really get much from him. Eilat and Silo also.

Who do I think will die? Um. Hm. A carrier or two? Some littles. Maybe a bigger threat?

Who don't I want to die? JUDE.

You're great. More reviews coming your way soonish!
9/13/2015 c11 10nevergone4ever
hey there everybody
9/13/2015 c11 MentalFiero


Okay second half of review is here:

Caliegh: She's struggling quite a bit with the reality of "kill or be killed", isn't she. Well there's not much she can do about it. She's going to have to try and kill someone or she'll end up dead. I'm interested to see if she'll actually bring herself to kill Eilat or someone else. Obviously, she's gonna feel guilty, but maybe she'll realise that its for the greater good. Caleigh seems really abrasive and rude, yet she still cares for people, which is a really interesting mix. I think I'm going to like her for now, but I can tell that my opinion of her might fluctuate a little bit. Like.

Codee: CUTE AS FUCK! Aw, Codee is so sweet, bless hi, and he's got a warm hearted way about him. He's also quite brave and he's a bit of an adrenaline jumkie which is a really nice mix, especially for a little, where you'd expect him to just be bloodbath fodder. I really like him, and I hope he goes far! Love.

Love: Codee
Like: Ayden, Caleigh
Neutral: Kelsier

Who do I want to die? Hm, well I'd say Eilat definitely, she's getting on my nerves. As well as Jada, Klaus, and Kaori maybe? I'm not sure.

Who do I think will die? Eilat, Aegis, maybe Sutter, Solari and Jada. I also see Arika dying in the bloodbath, which I'm not looking forward to. Hopefully she can survive but if not...fuck XD

Arena predictions? Um, well they were wearing jeans and a hoodie with god grip on their shoes, so really I have no idea. I'm thinking maybe somewhere modern, but honestly, I have no guesses here. I just hope that your arena is not the same as mine, or fucking hell I'm gonna die.

Great chapter!
Over and out!
9/13/2015 c11 8My-Mental-Mind


Kelsier: Kelsier confused me a little bit at first, but I got the idea that she seemed to be someone who was rather nuetral with and edge of sarcasm with things? I'm really not sure about her personality, I just couldn't grasp it...maybe it was her character? I don;t doubt your writing one bit. I don't know. Anyway, it's a nice touch how you wanted to summarise but instead you've done this. I like how they've all forgotten about stuff, and I think that will play out a bit in the arena. Right now, all I want is for your arena to be different to mine PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lol. Kelsier's neutral.

Ayden: Ayden is actually really quick-witted and witty with what he says, and I really liked that. He completely floored Jada, having been shrewd enough to figure out how fake she really is and using it to mock her. Poor Jada had her mask ripped from her like candy from a baby. Ayden is turning from selfless to selfish, but he kinda has to...it is the Hunger Games. I want to know how far his rivalry with Jada is going to go now. Like.

9/12/2015 c11 31li'l fat necrosis
A pretty face but the chase ain't worth the prize
9/11/2015 c1 2TitanMaddix
I am motivating you with my words! :D I believe in youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

I'll catch up reviewing when I get home from vacation. I promise :)
9/9/2015 c10 6LokiThisIsMadness
Okay... Yes, I'm really late. I'm really sorry Sophia, you deserve more reviews than you have for this and I've just been lazy as hell... But hey, I'm here now, and I hope you don't give up on this just yet. There are people still reading, me included, I hope you choose to do the full Games.

I really do.

Okay, anyway:

Kiah: She's very nice... Okay, I read her POV before, but I read it again before reviewing and honestly? She was better at the second turn. I tink that what I like the most about her is that she's really realistic and relatable, too. She's awkward, but still a teenage girl, and she's a good girl too. Probably not meant for the Hunger Games, but hey, devolopment is a wonderful thing. So for now, I like her. Solari is not literally leaving her side... He's nice but tributes like him can get annoying really soon. So if he manages to survive the bloodbath, he probably won't but yeah, he'll start to be annoying.. I'm sorry, clingy tributes don't do it for me. Kyran is precious, okay. They're both greatm and if they do ally with Solari... yeah, he'll become a third wheel and die pretty soon. I like Kiah.

Corton: The Careers, well... are a very weird thing this year. Some split, Corton and the girls remained together and then Auriga joined Jude. I love the idea of having different Career packs, if you can even call them that.. Anyways, Corton is something I can't describe yet. He's sassy, he's confident and he's arrogant as fuck. (He rejected Devyn... to throw her into THAT alliance... ugh, I can't with this.) He's a neutral for now, but I like most of them in his pack. Jazz and Jada are cool, the idiots from Nine might not get anywhere but they'll still do something and Corton is the only one standing in the middle right now. We'll see.

Auriga: She and Jude... Oh God. They insult each other, then are nice, and then are back to insulting each other again within the next five minutes. I do think you made a great choice in placing the two of them together though, they're great. I like Auriga... No, actually, I love her. She has what I usually love in a Career, and potential to get far so she's a favorite. Jude... might be too, but we'll see once we get to the Games. Jude too. You know, Sophia, what I loved about this chapter was that you had people together, made us think that they were in an alliance,(Foster/Caleigh/Sutter or D9 and Devyn) only for them to join someone else later. It's great.

Kyran: Aw, AW, AW. They're great, see, they were great without Solari and I still think he'll only slow them down in the Games. But Kyran and Kiah? They're great together. They're awkward, they weren't really made for dances or the Games, but they're learning with each other and becoming friends. Like I said... Solari is just a third-wheel on what will be an amazing friendship. Kyran was brilliant, okay. He's insecure, a bit self-loathing, but he's still great and has a lot of potential for the Games with Kiah. He truly does. The banquet was great, Sophia, please don't give up on this. We're still reading and some of us still review.

Favorites: Auriga, Kyran.
Like: Kiah
Neutral: Corton
Dislike: -

Forgive me for being so late, okay, this is great.
9/3/2015 c10 21symphorophilia
oh damn... reviews?

WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DON'T LET PROOF DIE ;.; k excited for the bloodbath, watch him place 18th~~
9/3/2015 c10 4Cosmic Corsair
Sucks that you lost motivation, but you can't say it was my fault, okay. I freaking reviewed, as much as I wanted to bash my fist through my keyboard every time I was about to close the page after reading and realized, "shit, i gotta review". And even though it took me awhile, i still did it. so you can't say that i didn't try sophia.

i was interested. sorta, no okay, honestly, yeah i liked the characters and the story, and the prologue, but then your growing dissatisfaction for this fandom sort of carried into the writing and i picked up on that and i got a lil less motivated to review myself.

look, i almost don't want to review right now, because what's the point anyway if it's over, but my character is featured in here and i appreciate that very much, and the fact that you pushed through frustration to write is very thoughtful of you. ;)

Kiah is realistic that she's sensitive, and normal and wants to make friends with people, but she's nice and that's cool. A bit stale sometimes like it was hard to get a good understanding of who she was and what her motives were, and I kind of figured she just wanted to make friends so that's what I focused on.

ok you did corton very well, the sarcastic asshole and that's what I wanted and you did me a service here. sarcasm was lovely, and all the smartass remarks he made toward jazzlyn was hilarious.

uh, but there were a few aspects you never really touched on which was the masochistic/drug abuse stuff when he was alone to his thoughts and felt like shit for being such an asshole to people all the time, and i wish you could have touched on that, because now it seems like he's a typical career asshole and that's not really what i intended him to be. there were layers but i'm bad at showing that in my forms so maybe it's my fault for not being clear enough.

so i love that you gave corton one last pov even though you hated him.

lol auriga, i never liked her tbh. she's so arrogant for no reason and left the careers for reasons I'll never quite understand.

my favorite line was "Don't bean me with your big fists." Not sure if you meant to say "beat" or whatever, but thats an epic line ill be sure to use it to my advantage.

Kyran is probably the easiest one to relate to because he has clear weaknesses and motivations.

im not mad this will be a summary, i kind of expected it. you didn't seem all too into this story before, and teen idle is your real baby and that's fine.

happy late birthday, oh wait i already sang you a song i hope u liked it and i hope u got lots of shiny things. ;)
8/31/2015 c10 7SomeDays
Kiah- Okay, so apparently Eliat is getting very over-the-top and she isn't holding back with sociality. I find that quite funny actually, it was really entertaining to read and then her district partner trying to calm her down was sweet as well. Omg...I said "district partner" and it was literally Codee...um...I forget what districts people are in okay haha...aw, bless my little baby xD He's kind of stuck with the girl who is becoming the life and soul of this shindig, and not for the good reasons hmmm...so Kiah is quite a shy, quiet girl, and I like that. She's normal and it's a nice contrast how you put Eliat in this pov as well, it really exaggerates on her shyness which I love. OKAY, Kyran is freaking adorable. How adorable is he. With his shyness and how he struggled to introduce himself. Aw, I can see these two getting on splendidly. Please ally, pleaaase. They're both just so cute!

Corton- I love him. I L.O.V.E. HIM. He's hilarious and he's so enjoyable to read, his sarcasm, his comedic elements, just how he was with anyone, he's so great :') Sulter was adorable with how he wanted to join the careers, however cowardly he was, but the careers didn't want him, he just wanted the other two...so...I feel bad for Sulter, he's definitely a great character. ANd, then Devyn was great at the end with the "are you racist?" remark. She is great :')
I genuinely love her. Yeah, I just love a lot about this pov. There was just a lot of great tributes included and I loved it! _

Augira- She's okay yeah, I like the "career" alliances this year. The different dynamics and whatnot. IT's really intersting. It's kind of like 'who are they going to pick hmmmm, whoooo'. AND I LOVE JUDE OKAY, HE IS A GREAT CHARACTER, and he's so entertaining, he was the sandout in this pov really. yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of Augira, and I think that Foster is a great addition, he's also a great character, he enteertained me in this pov too.

Kyran- New favourite?
He is so so so sweet and this alliance is just so cute. Why is he so cute?! and the little dance he had going on was so sweet. and he's also so self-concious, I can't. He's adorable and I love him so much. Please don't kill him in the bloodbath. Please. He's too sweet ;-;
I genuinely think I'm in love with this tribute. I'm attached already. This is not fair. This is painful. Help.

Okayyyyy I am done. I am so sorry for the lateness Sophia! ;-;
Please forgive lil ole me. I love this story, and I love your writing. Okay. Yeah. Bye :3
8/31/2015 c10 8My-Mental-Mind
Okay, take #2 of this review! I'm reviewing you again, but you deserve it, because I rejected your bae, and now I feel awful about myself even though Rio is still alive and she's a bae and that i still have four more stories to come.
Anyway. Take #2

Kiah: She is so much nicer than what I expect her to be. Solari is legit clinging to her like glue! Both of them are so scared and worried about what's going to happen to them, and it's really endearing. And then Kyran cuts in, um, dude what are you doing? Nah, jk, he's actually a lot nicer. All of them are pretty awkward in this POV, but it's a really sweet kind of awkward. I really like how these three work together, and I like Kiah. Like.

Corton: *hurl* Sorry, I can't stand Corton. He's such a typical brutish career, and I feel like he's quite bland. LOL JADA GETTIN DAT CLEAVAGE OUT. It's almost laughable at how the careers have lost half of their members, but it looks like Kelsier and Demetrius are going to pick up the slack in that area. I kind of feel sorry for Devyn at this point, because she's kind of been ditched, but hey, I guess that's how it is, especially with District Nine as some kind of a career district.

Auriga: I have to admit, I did miss Auriga and Jude and their hilarious interactions with eachother. I just love how they can just send insults at each other, and niether of them are massively fazed. I like Auriga, but I feel like she'll continue to be a bitch as time goes on and I might her annoying. Foster it seems has arrived into this alliance, which will provide for an interesting mixup. I'm not sure how that's going to work, but hey Auriga and Jude are pretty blunt, and Foster is too, so maybe it can work!

Kyran: This was easily my favourite POV for this chapter. Literally I got the atmosphere of the dance so well, and I have to admit, I sort of ship Kyran and Kiah a bit. I don't think Kyran is as much of a downer, but I can see now, how Arika's brightness might have caused him to be more unresponsive the first time we saw him. Thanks for the cameo by the way, BAE! Anyway, I love how we learnt more of Kiah and the dance thing as well, that's nice. All in all this banquet is a really unqie idea and well presented, and quite frankly I love it, so well done on this chapter. Your writing is just so good. I live for your writing like Padraig does to Elim's no lie.

Love: Kiah
Like: Kyran
Neutral: Auriga
Dislike: Corton

A stunning chapter, let's hope I can press the review button properly this time. Remember that just because Kristian wasn't accepted, I don't hate you, and I will continue to review as always! Love ya bae! 3

Over and out lmao!
8/31/2015 c8 31li'l fat necrosis
:') legit dying reading this rn
She's so in character, so awful and oh my god, such a fucking liar and i am so pleased that her bullshit being caught out
Legit, 10/10 sophia. best pov ever.

Demi sweetie, don't be scared. You are a beautiful boy and you should never be ashamed, don't be ashamed over the scars. They've seen so much worse before, don't wory. :( Legit, fucking love Demi. He's so great. ;-; I wanna just hug the bae, but I can't and gdi Jalen stop making characters I like. I want him to go home and to never have to be scared again. ;-;

Jada stop talking, okay, the thought of you speaking makes me shake with anger. I am sorry, this is gonna turn into a flame. I just.. she sounds so childish, and immature and I'm not into this? She's okay? I guess? ;-; I wanna like everyone again like Contray but... i can't not again. ;-; oh well.

We talked about this
Seriously though dude
I understand your pain
Be as sarcastic and cynical as you want man
Can he be the tribute that ends up winning but no one knows how because i'd like another
Axel rouge

Okay bye i love you sophia keep going i believe you
Don't be a miserable failure like meeee
8/24/2015 c1 Guest
ur so good
8/24/2015 c10 gustav
i got a bigger dick then you hoe

meet me at the water tower on n. michigan ave and ill show u. im in the bright red cadillac u cant miss me ;)
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