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8/23/2015 c10 4bobothebear
happy birthday babe

much love
much regards
much wow

-the one. the only.
just kidding there are a million asians in the world
k bye
8/23/2015 c9 3Remus98
Klaus is another interesting one, kinda similar to Foster, but still not. He’s quite playful and I like the idea of him toying with Devyn’s mind, but he’s still not too manipulative to not like him. Idk, deception is always a hit or miss for me, but now he’s just okay…

Kaori was a bit too all over the place for me. First she was scarily calm, then she was uncertain of what to do. She considered allying with Arika, and even though she found her too naive, Kaori still did it? Wow, really confusing…

Jude’s Pov was interesting, cause I didn’t think the careers would be breaking up. Augria wanting Jude wasn’t unexpected though, they’re both similar, but somehow I find Jude even more calculating and sinister. I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

Devyn managed to surprise me, which was nice. I thought she was going to be a total jerk at first, but she actually seem to have reasons behind her actions. Kinda shady, but I still see a lot of potential in her!

Love; Devyn
Like; Jude
Okay; Klaus, Kaori

Almost there!
8/23/2015 c8 Remus98
Well, Eliat was a lot. She was so incredibly fake, and to be honest, I don’t believe a positive word she said. It was all forced, and it was all manipulation. Her true features obviously lie in the obnoxious world. Yeah, I’m not a big fan…

Demetrius was interesting though. He was a little awkward in the beginning, but turned more comfortable in the presence of Kelsier. I like them as a pair! His lack of conflict and drama is also a nice break from certain others. Nice character!

Jada, I thought I was going to like, but it turned out that her jealousy and envy took over way too much. She had a couple of traits that complimented each other in a nice way, but in the end of the day, she was a bit too childish for my taste.

Foster doesn’t care one bit, and still I enjoy reading his Pov. It’s weird, I know, but somewhere I find him charming and funny. His relationship with Caleigh is less fun, but Foster on his own is very interesting.

Love; Demetrius
Like; Foster
Dislike; Eliat, Jada

Sorry for the review being so short, I’m trying to catch up :)
8/8/2015 c9 6LokiThisIsMadness
Hey, hey!

Klaus: Yep, I thought that I would love him and I did. I like his strategy, and to be honest, it probably get him far. He's manipulative, he's looking for someone to use in the Games, and that might help him because he'll either have an ally to protect his back in a fight, or a meat-shield to use later. Well, he's a good one, so I think he'll actually end up to get someone to manipulate. Showing some weakness to try and get someone on his side was a pretty good move, I just that Devyn stays away from here. To be completely honest, I don't think Klaus will turn out to be the main villian, he'll probably be more of an anti-hero, doing this for himself but not really hurting people because he wants to, only because he wants to survive. I can see good things for Klaus, if that strategy of his does work out in the end, and he gets someone to watch his back in the arena. Okay, Klaus, leave Aegis alone because she's awesome, and even better than you. Yeah, he's a favorite, though. I hope he gets far, and that he gets an alliance that isn't Devyn.

Kaori: I didn't get much from her personality, but boy, that is a nice strategy. It seems that you picked all the amazing strategies for the chariot rides, and it was an amazing idea. So, Cerise and Kaori, they can actually work together. Both of them have a brain, and even if I didn't get much from Kaori, but of them seem to have a nice road of devolopment ahead of them. They know what they need to do, and accepting the others was a wise move. They'll probably use them as meat-shields for the bloodbath, or for later on, if devolopment doesn't stop that from happening. We'll see about that. Arika and Codee, well, they were pretty naivee to ally with people that were whispering to each other to decide if they wanted them in there or not. yeah, they're pretty screwed. I see good things for Kaori and Cerise, though.

Jude: Wow, the Careers are fucked. Well, not that much, but they're 3 members short already. If that keeps going on like that, they'll all be dead pretty soon. Auriga and Jude, then? Well, i didn't expect that to happen, but I think it can work. Well, Jude was okay, but the real star of this POV was Auriga. Yeah, I like her a lot. She's a perfect Career, she knows what she needs to do and has her head on the right place, but she's not as cold as Jude, who is from Five. I don't know if they could work with more allies, so yeah, it's probably better if it's only the two of them. We'll see about that, but yeah, I like this alliance a lot and I think they can go somehwere.

Devyn: Ayeee, the bae. You did great with her, as always. You got her personality perfectly, and yeah, I loved it a lot. She's so cheerful, I love it. And yes, the alliance with D9 is much better than Klaus. Please make that happen, thank you ;*

Favorites: Klaus
Neutral: Jude, Kaori.

Thanks for the little birthday message at the end, you're a bae. ;*
Amazing chapter!
8/8/2015 c9 4Cosmic Corsair
yeah i didnt review the last chapter becaaaaaaaaause well i was going to time it so i would review when you came back from that thing but idk

[I turn around, eyes lolling about lazily, to find the black kid from Seven, with puffy lips and afro and a tree fairy costume sprouting wings out of his back.]

That is the greatest line of description of anything ever .

ok so I see what Mental means now with Arika - I assumed she was just peppy and bubbly and clouds and rainbows before but it's deeper than that. She's like pulling some Oskar Schindler / Gandhi type shit by saving the weak and making them work for her so they won't get killed later. Because if the Careers see her leading those childs, they'll kinda hesitate. There's deeper connotations there. Idk that's just my warped interpretations I am probably wrong.

Klaus is slimy he reminds me of marshall with his greasy-haired ways.

Kaori is decent, she is pretty meek but there is some potential for development there if she gets with the right people and not like...kids. Idk why kids always go for kids why cant they be like Petra and just say "look bitch u need me i need u lets make this work"

Wow, a Career and outlier actually proposing an alliance? wtf happened to the Careers did they just decide to split up? Wow, that's crazy. Looks like Cotton will be in for a rough time.

Demetrius is cool. Great banter. Damn, Devyn was pretty salty at the end there. Calm down girl they aint killing u yet.

i forgot my chart so i have to make a new one now seriously?

Good: kaori, jude
Good: devyn
Okay: klaus
8/6/2015 c9 7SomeDays
Klaus- Ugh...ugh...okay, so he's a manipulative guy trying to show weakness to get someone to care for him and I'm assuming he wants to use that to his advantage ...ugh... I feel bad for this girl. AND he was rude to my little Codee, how about no? My Codee is a sweet-pee, at least someone else was nice to the lil guy.

Kaori- ExCUUuuuuuuUUUusSse me, let's not use my baby as meat shield thank you very much! My poor baby 3 WHy do my tributes always find themselves in situations like this? *sigh* Yeah, I don't know about these two. I do, actually, quitee like Aricka again, not just because she's nice to Coddee...well...maybe, but idk...BUT she atcually seems like a great character.

Jude- Well then, that's interesting. Two career packs made up of, well, careers and stronger tributes. This is always interesting, just seeing which pack ends up as the better one. love it. Eh, Jude is alrigh, he doesn't really stand out to me as much right now, but we shall see how it ends up. I must say though, the way he repsonded to the D1 girl was amazing. He knew how to deal with her!

Devyn- Ha...this girl is pretty brilliant. I juust really enjoyed reading her pov. It was funny and, I don't know, shes just really entertaining to read. And I can tell this alliance will be a really entertaining and intriguing one. I really look forward to see how it developed.

Riiiight, review done...ya know...*coughs* ;D
Okay though, I really did love this chapter, your writing is just really good? Like, really. I love reading it.

Uh...CHart I guess..

Love- Devyn
Meh-Kaori, Jude
Dislike- Klaus
8/4/2015 c9 8My-Mental-Mind
Here we gooo again.

WOWOWOWOWOWOW Arika, that shade "He's not the ally for you" or whatever. So shady girl, get in there. Uh-oh...I can see a trend forming...First Oscar and Wyatt, and now Arika and Codee. God dammit, my tributes just get fucked over. Hopefully Codee is more resourceful than he appears to be thus far.

Klaus: A deceptive one, this guy. At first I got the impression that he was similar to Foster in the last chapter, but in actual fact, he's a lot more playful. He kind of gives of this aura where he plays with his food before eating it. I feel like he might try to manipulate Devyn to be some sort of slave, which, to be honest, I really hope it doesn't turn out that way. He's okay, but as far as antagonists go, I don't think he'll be more of an anti-hero of sorts.

Kaori: THE GIRL FROM SIX LOOKS REALLY NAIVE? EXCUSE ME NO. SOPHIA NO. Kaori seemed a little withdrawn at first, but as her POV went on, she seemed to open up a bit more. I feel like she's unnaturally calm, or maybe a little unsure about what to do. I wonder if she's still in shock about being reaped and she just has some really late reactions or something. Wait...so they were talking about Arika being too naive to ally with her, and now they're considering to ally with her? Fickle much? Ah, fuck. They want to use Arika as a meat shield, eh? Oh dear. I feel like Arika is a little better in this chapter so far, she's definitely not as peppy, which is good.

Jude: "It's fishy and Jada's not even over here" AURIGA LMFAOOOOO. Jude is definitely similar in personality to Auriga, but I feel like he's colder and more clinical...sinister, even. Wait, the career pack are breaking up? Nice! Some career pack that will be this year. However, the chances of the actual career pack probably won't change, whether they be allied or no allied. Still, I feel like the careers will focus more on killing each other than the weaker people, so that's probably good news.

Devyn: LMFAO Devyn is so freaking shady :')
I feel like Devyn is fairly confident and bold, with a somewhat softer streak in her. I love how you've managed to create this banter between tributes and set up potential alliances. It's beautiful done and well executed. I really like Devyn. At first I thought she'd be a bit of an asshole, but she turned out better than I expect. I look forward to more of her!

Love: Devyn
Neutral: Klaus, Kaori, Jude

I'm okay with being busy. Sometimes I get overstressed. Still, I agree with you; being busy does keep you on your toes, that's for sure! I look forward to the next update. :D
Nice chapter baeee
Over and out!
P.S. i said this last chapter but pls bae i beg. do it 4 putp pls. tank u
8/4/2015 c8 My-Mental-Mind
I'm finally catching up ;)
Maybe after I review these two chapters, you could review PUTP for me? Pwease? :3

Eilat: Okay, I'm really not sure what to think of Eilat. One the one hand, she's a complete and utter bitch, and she's extremely melodramatic, which I know will get annoying and boring the more she appears. However, the POV did make me laugh, and there was a sense of genuinity about Eilat as her POV came to a close. Could her dramaticness be a mask? I don't know, but I'm unsure about her for the time being.

Demetrius: Okay, I legit can't. Once you get past the fact that his name is commonly used for tribute nowadays, he's actually a sweetie. I've got a bit fo a soft spot for the insecure ones, and he is definitely insecure. He does try to look on the bright side of life, but I feel like he doesn't really believe that. Maybe he says cheery things in the hopes that he himself will feel better? Who knows? I like him!

Jada: OMG YES! Who submitted this girl? WHO? She is so sneaky and clever, she's pretty cool. I love how she's so headstrong and determined, and then she just switches to being a ditzy princess. Literally, she's so fake, but she's clever about it, and that's what will help her survive. She's pretty damn badass, and I can't wait to see more of her. I like her! #BadaJada

Foster: He's seems like quite the grumpy type, doesn't he. From what I saw, he appears to have quite a nihilistic view of the world around him, and he tends to be uncaring to what is happening as well. I feel like he's very hostile, and he could easily go alone in the Games. I reckon he'll probably have difficulty making a few allies, unless he adopts some kind of mask like Caleigh and Jada have. We'll see.

Like: Demetrius, Jada
Neutral: Eilat, Foster

Nice stuff here! We're getting closer and closer to the Games!
Over and out!
P.S. Babe, pls review me, you know you wanna 3
7/20/2015 c8 7Jalen Kun
Eilat: Woah, this girl is the definition of overwhelming. She's all about the drama, all about the flair, all about being the center of attention. She just... Yeah, wow. I can't in good conscious put someone like this in my "like" section, but neither can I really say she's a dislike. So for that, she's neutral. Seriously though, I'm concerned. She needs to chill.

Demetrius: u horse

Jada: So this girl is a manipulator, eh? Putting on that bubbly facade and then possibly backstabbing her allies when she finds no use for them. Yes, yes, it's quite nice — that is, if it's not my tribute she's manipulating. xD It's good plot to have a girl like Jada, someone who's self-proclaimed mysterious (when really all she is is an actor). Yep, I like her!

Foster: "She's probably grabbed worst moist things." AHAHAHA STOP FOSTER. He is so brooding and plain mean. He's not really rude, but it's obvious his dislike of people — and then he's really weary, as he said existing is exhausting sometimes. I'm really intrigued by him, honestly. Why did he turn out like this? And what's the deal with Caleigh? She is so... I don't even know. And then the president is so... Yeah, what's up with the president? So many questions. Overall, though, I liked a Foster.

Love: Silo, Aegis, Cerise, Solari.
Like: Arika, Jazzlyn, Jada, Foster.
Neutral: Sutter, Quentyn, Eilat.

I am finally done with this review.
Ugh review me pls? :')
7/16/2015 c7 21symphorophilia
you make me feel sorry for my own tribute, sophia.
he's pathetic af
lmao Solari bby you're a dead kid
yeah i'm sorry he legit has no chance
Kiah, save him pls


7/16/2015 c7 7SomeDays
I missed out this chapter? How did I do that? Oops?

Aricka- Woah...i'm too tired to deal with her cheerfullness RN haha, it almost gives me a headache. Yeah, she's a very bubbly, cheerful girl, which is decent for now- it's better than the alternative, but it won't be good in the games when she gets a shock of reality. but, omg, I love Felicity, she's a great mentor. Fierce little! I love how you have these younger victors, Idk, it's awesome.

Quentyn- HA, love this guy! He's awesome. He's almost like the usual, robotic, moody, angry, career, but he's so quiet and unsociable as well and the moody aspect is completely exaggerated, and, honestly, I can understand why he got so annoyed with Pelly. I guess I could have started feeling the same. His pov was a great read!

Jazzlyn- K, so I've never really seen a bubbly, care-free District Two girl before. Usually D1 and D4 are where that's at, but, dayum, this girl has her head in the clouds! I don't really want her to get the taste of reality. That could turn out nasty. I just hope she understands exactly what she's gotten into because she seems like that type of person who seems to not understand that. Yikes.

Solaria- Does he have a stutter? If so, then, you portrayed that really well! I really like him aswell, ugh, I'm loving all the guys so far. That's always the same story though, isn't it? I feel so bad for Kiah, like, I got quite emotional at her 'favourite' memory part, and then the 'least favourite' memory for Solaria made me sad too. He was bullied and that's just horrible :( Aw...


Love- Solaria, Quentyn
Neutral- Aricka
Dislike- Jazzlyn

OKAY, I've reviewed! k...finally :D
7/16/2015 c8 SomeDays
Eliat- Ugh...Ugh...found a kid a dislike...ughhh...like, what's gotten into her? She's like a Capitol citizen but worse because she wasn't actually born in the capitol...ughhhh...stop it. RIght, I've got nothing else to say about her. Don't like her, nope.

Demitrius- Woo, love this guy! He was actually really great to read, I enjoyed reading him, he seems like a decent guy and I like his relationship so far with his district partner. I think it could grow to be very quite interesting. I like how he wasn't too sure about taking his shirt off, he has modesty. I think some guys would just pull it off without a care in the world, but not him, and I like that. He's quite funny here and there and I so agreed with him when he said about her volunteering for this...so true..like...she can't really complain much, can she?

Jada- So, she's fake, pretty much? She says one thing and says another, she's playing a part. And well, I like the character she is inside rather than the outside character. Independent people are great, so that's a thing. IDK, I hate fake people, so, but, I guess she's just playing her part to help her get sponsors and trick people or something? I guess? IDK...

Foster- 'She's probably grabbed worse moist things' what am I reading again madam? xD Ha, I like this guy. He's fierce and he knows how to play the game. And just little things he says in his pov make him a joy to read. Yeah, I think he's one of my favourites and I think they should so be allies, they would make great allies x'D I definitely think he stands a chance.
7/16/2015 c6 SomeDays

Pfft what do you mean I'm behind and what do you mean I haven't review the other chapters either? Pfft? K, so I decided I'm gonna start reviewing here just cos...yeah...we got the tributes here and what not.

Hope you don't mind!

Silo- Aw, bless him! he's so sweet and he's pretty resilient as well. He seriously has a lot of potential of going far. He has that determination and fight to back him up so, I can genuinely see him doing well. AND, Rye is so cute, okay? I just want to cuddle that little girl and tell her it's okay. OKay, he has to return to her, Idec. Well, actually, IDK, I quite like my Codee ya see... I do really really like this guy though!

Aegis- So, she's a bit of a dickhead to put it lightly, but, she's got so much more to her, and I can see it in her. I really love her. She's amazing really, I mean, she's a total douche, towards everyone, pushing them all away. BUt, she has her reasons, that's clear and I feel quite bad for her. I love her, k? She's bae.

Sutter- Okay, I feel like I should hate this guy for some quite obvious reasons, but I don't. I feel bad for him. The last comment in his pov, made by his friend, really was heart-breaking stuff. Yes, he's done terrible things, but that doesn't mean he should just give up on life. UGh...I feel bad...and idk...I hate what he's done, what type of person he has been, but I can't hate him now, in his post-reaping self. I just-cant. I'm conflicted about this one!

Ceriese- So, her pov made me feel sad- returning occurence, huh? Well, yeah, it did, because it seems like she feels ignore like she's not worth worth anything. I also liked how she hadn't done anything but sit in her room all the time- I can relate. But yeah, it all made me feel bad for her.
7/16/2015 c8 12jakey121
Eilat: well, the pros of this POV were your writing, which remains great as always. And those last lines are probably some of my favourite last lines in a long time. But Eilat’s character is… suffocating, to say the least. I don’t mind cheer and positivity, but rather than use it for kindness, or general joy or whatever, she’s literally fake to the point of… well yeah as I said it’s suffocating. And she’s rude, obnoxious, and the drama queen thing to her mixed with a judgmental, airheadedness… eh. No.

Demetrius: I like him. He’s not like too gruff or stoic or whatever, it’s just whatever situation he’s put into, and this one was more awkward and uncomfortable. The mention of the fact he dislikes conflict is a trait in a tribute that I really admire, it brings less drama, and more of a focused mindset when it comes to the Games. And I liked the way he changed with someone like Kelsier, he’s more relaxed, friendly, but not too eager or over the top. Yeah, he’s cool!

Jada: I do enjoy the fact that she has a fair amount of layers which play off one another, but her traits themselves aren’t for me. I think I preferred the mention of her real character being more independent and self-confident. But really, she’s got a lot of envy and jealousy built up, which in a way, especially towards the end, made her come across more childishly arrogant than anything else. Like things aren’t going her way and it’s not fair! Yeah, she’s not really for me. But she’s fun I guess. Fake as hell. But fun.

Foster: I don’t know why I like him since he’s quite a rude, near emotionless person, but idk there’s something charming about that. Endearing, maybe. The relationship with him and Caleigh is interesting, definitely strained, but it’s intriguing, so I wonder if it’ll go anywhere. He does literally seem like he doesn’t care at all. The comments about people. The comments about even existing or whatever. He could be a threat, or he could die really early. Either way, I like him.


Favourites: Cerise
Like: Silo, Quentyn, Jazzlyn, Demetrius, Foster
Neutral: Aegis, Sutter, Arika, Solari
Dislike: Eilat, Jada
7/14/2015 c8 21symphorophilia
Kaniva, is the a fucking ref Sophia? ;O

Eilat yeh whatup bitch
say that shit again
actually no, pls don't

Demetrius is a nice, normalish tribute, but i couldn't focus after Eilat

Jada is adorable as fuck awh
i can't wait to see her with Jazzlyn
#sistersbeforemisters y'know?

Foster, the sarcasm and cynicism be real
u know wht i'm sayin bruh
he's resigned and kinda nihilistic

kk long live
and fuck me in the anal

~ Janitorphiliac
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