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7/24 c2 AmorNotFound
is it just me or is chaper 2 just a black screen
6/25 c6 AnthonyR89
...US Marshals do little more than transport or hunt down prisoners. if he was investigating human trafficking like you had him claim, he should have claimed to be FBI.
6/25 c1 AnthonyR89
naming Percy as minister just made me throw up a little in the back of my mouth.
6/13 c6 3s-david-m
Interesting crossover. Pity you haven't updated in awhile, though I can see why it might be difficult to figure out where to go from here. I hope inspiration strikes!
6/3 c6 LongSelfindulgentReviews
This is why I don’t read 6 chapter long stories, haha. You know the end is coming the whole time and it’s going to be such a bummer.

All in all, this is quite good. As usual I think you just get how to make a crossover engaging. Too many people write them like: “what if Harry Potter showed up during act 3 of Avengers and just helped everyone out?” when they should be writing like: “what would Harry do if he was in situation x and then y happened?” Character and motivation are so important, but a lot of crossover fics just kinda mash stuff together and then rehash canon. I guess what I’m trying to say is please never stop writing! You make this site better by being on it.

Also, I have to say, having read all of your in progress stories I think you’re right to put your energy into the Toppling Heroes series and Shadow of Angmar. This one was shaping up really well, but I think those two edge it out.
6/3 c4 LongSelfindulgentReviews
I think Harry is failing to consider a few theories, like that he is a copy of a real person from another dimension, but I think he’s also too quick to dismiss the fictional-person-brought-to-life theory. I mean, it makes about as much sense as being yanked into a dimension where your life is a popular book series, though it is probably pretty upsetting to think about.

But really, which is more upsetting, the idea that you weren’t real a week ago, or the implication of the books ending on the scene where you were sucked into a parallel dimension that you’ll never make it home?

Also, I wish there was a scene coming up where Harry interrogates JK Rowling about where she got her ideas. I suppose the current political climate makes that way too fraught of a concept, but it could have been hilarious.
6/3 c2 LongSelfindulgentReviews
“breezed through security like it wasn't there”

I mean, the TSA fails 90% of their own internal tests, so Harry might not have even needed a spell.
5/16 c6 3JlovesGaara
Wow! This story is ridiculously awesome and amazingly well written. I'm sorry to see it was given up on.
4/27 c6 1thevolunteerman
Supervillains with the ability to draw people from across dimensions reading Harry Potter and thinking anything other than, “We really, really, really, really don’t want him in our universe.” is hilarious to me. Like, why wouldn’t you try and pull a Neville Longbottom? Or a Ron Weasley? Or any number of characters who haven’t dedicated their lives to hunting down and destroying evil?
4/22 c6 Hawthornbranch
Very enjoyable. Will Stark find a way to send Harry home? Will Fury get more frustrated? Will Hydra get their tentacles on Harry? Hoping that you will be inspired to complete this story. Thanks for sharing!
2/8 c6 Guest
good sor
1/9 c6 4stcobb
PLEASE finish this story!
12/26/2020 c1 IheLam
i find the lack of actual magical governement in america interesting. But I wouldn't expect the absence of conquest by european wizatds of the America to lead to that. I would more expect it to be a different form of governement based on the magical native American. Espevially if the statute of secrecy was established before the "conquest" of America.
12/2/2020 c6 FotoDi
Creepy eugenics!
11/18/2020 c6 Vansmoke
it's new honestly, a nerf-ed harry, which kinda frustrating, but still very much interest me. I'm hoping you to continue this work mate, it has it's worth.
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